Don't close your eyes!
Don't close your eyes!


The banner shall "open the eyes" of each and everyone from us, it will show the uniqueness of the Arctic world and point out what an oil pollution could destroy. At the end it stands an appeal to sign up the petition  which can be done directly online while clicking on it. 

The banner done in flash has been converted into an .avi file and uploaded to YouTube:

T-shirts for the activists to make the campaign more visible.

Walking mobile billboards for getting more transparency...

Update: web banner of 250 x 250; The banner has been converted into an .avi file and can be checked here:

What problem does your idea solve?

Gaining as much attention as possible within a short period of time in order to get people signing up the petition and to reach 5 million signatures... The banner will contain only a couple of images / messages. Additionally there will be a longer video file to show the idea behind the banner in details..

How does your idea solve the problem?

Banner placed on frequently visited websites. This way millions can be "reached / contacted" easily.

Which (communication) means are necessary to turn your idea into a reality?

Online banner; video file which can be spread through the community networks (FB, Twitter) + YouTube...

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