Time is running out...


ON Web: see animated gifs 
GIF 01: http://m.uploadedit.com/b015/1369864161990.gif
GIF 02: http://m.uploadedit.com/b015/1369801203110.gif  
to be implemented on Online advertising.

On the Streets:
part of this idea consists on the placement of big guerrilla stickers (wich has the mouse cursor symbol shape) over an stencil advertising with a web button shape, the contrast of this well known elements recreate the simple action of clicking the petition to save the Arctic in a striking way, inviting to the people to sign immediately.

This campaign must to be placed in very estrategic places like public stations of any kind, busy streets, maybe sidewalks, Wi-fi Zones.... 

What problem does your idea solve?

the idea consist in the implementation of this self explanatory visual key, starting from the concept of the "time running out" through a hourglass. the proposed graphic style, is clearly versatile to apply in different ways, wich can be, street marketing and Online advertising.

How does your idea solve the problem?

comunicate to the people that a tiny gesture, like the simple Clicking action (sending the petition) can change the Arctic future, so, can change the future of the entire world.

Which (communication) means are necessary to turn your idea into a reality?

Street & Online advertising.