Your choice...
Force People to choose the clean pure white; or the dirty oily future arctic black; environment idea


Surprise: Your Environment is devided into oily black and pure white ice. Your choice where you sit or go... then a hint - it's a campaign for the save the arctic project of greenpeace. You like to freeze your facebook-profile... well, then be a hero and sign the petition. You prefer to destroy the arctic? What a satanic idea... see what happens, baddie...

What problem does your idea solve?

People are confronted directly with the arctic problem; my campaign will cause a sensation.

How does your idea solve the problem?

they are forced to choose... maybe then they are willing to subscribe; remarkable change of the familiar environment. I think people will talk about the campaign and it'll sent postive waves through the media e.g. facebook, blogs, newspapers... .As a special goodie you can freeze your facebook-profile after you've signed... -and your friends will realize you are an hero my friend... of course they also want to have a frozen profile...

Which (communication) means are necessary to turn your idea into a reality?

permission of the transport association or establishments where the campaign take place; color, stickers, the greenpeace team, app for the frozen profile, website

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