UPDATE - Post Cards From 'The Arctic'
Stop It ! To Save the Arctic. A quick reply, response system. Medium- Collaterals.


Stop It ! To Save the Arctic. A quick reply response system. Needs a Receivers Signature. Gives info of the URL given by 'Greenpeace' - www.savethearctic.com to Sign the Petition of A Peace Protest for the Animals of the Arctic.

 A Post Card I feel is a ideal way of expressing and sending this message. I believe it has good potential to spread across different geographical regions wherever distributed.

They can be printed as a vintage look alike OR can be presented in other words as a contemporary way, form of a modern day Post Card.

A Post-Card "From the Arctic" is sent, widely distributed and received as well. Acknowledged by the Receiver.

Series of Post-Cards. For example a particular species being highlighted on the Post-Card to create awareness of its survival risk.

Followed by regular UPDATES later on. I 'am still in the process.. :)


I had to remove the first uploads as I typed the url as '.com' instead of '.org'. 

In the process.. I reworked on the idea. This happens to the 1ST Update.



Reworked on the Copy and Layout with adding one more New Post Card. Right now I have a thought of making Set of six  post cards for the distribution purpose. As I also have a few collaterals sidelined which will come later on once I finish the Post card set.

Hi All,

Adding the digital version of Billboards . However they can be used as a Large sized billboard or will just fit into a digital banner format to get more attention. As billboards are considered to be one of the main resources for advertising, besides  I strongly feel that this medium will enhance the Post card series set running on a parallel format. Along with this I plan to further take this theme high in the sky from where one will have a real perspective 'view point' of the (inverted)falling drop using the hot air balloon concept. My next update will consist that illustration. Like a few collective hot air balloons flying in the sky in th 'oil drop' like.. trying to give the feel of the huge risk we are taking by continuing drilling in the Arctic region.

Thank you

What problem does your idea solve?

By Posting Mail. A Post-Card Mainly. (1st Collateral) Signing of the Petition. Meeting the target.

How does your idea solve the problem?

Pick up & Drop Boxes installed. Special 'Green' Post Boxes being set up at common places. 'Special' Post-Cards Printed and being distributed. Post-Card evokes a quick response. No, longer time taken to get the task done. Post-Card only needs a 'Activists Signature' who then drops the card at the 'Green' Post Boxes. ( These can be placed very next to the usual 'Red' Post Boxes to make it easy for ALL. Sender (Greenpeace)- Distributors (Volunteers & Postal Authorities) - Receiver (The Mass).

Which (communication) means are necessary to turn your idea into a reality?

Direct Mail. Acknowledged by the Receiver. Directly Communicates and which in turn gets the Petition signed manually. (in case there is NO manual Signature being signed, then the Receiver is provoked to notice the impact and damage being done by the Oil Companies and Industrial Fishing on the URL mentioned on the Post-Card. Hence, will Sign the Petition once on the URL page.

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