Snowflake Movement
Every signee is rewarded with a unique snowflake badge which can be used & shared in multiple ways.


What you get
Everybody who signs the petition gets a thank-you-message and an email containing a link to his/hers personal badge kit. This kit consists of facebook profile pictures, digital wallpapers for phones or tablets and print versions for paper, cloth and 3D-printers.

The Shield in Action
It can be used for campaigning, for demonstrations and actions, maybe on the petition itself or even on signs in the arctic ...
There will be an official arctic shield logo with a very simple snowflake and thousands of personal shields on displays or selfmade shirts and flags.

Special use in media
The shield can be foldet out into an hour glass.
This way gusmonks & Eduard_Bs idea »Time« can be applied for communicating the threats and the need to act quickly.
This folding effect will work great with flyers and in animated media.

Taking it further
• The personal badge kit could be accompanied by interactive options, e.g.
»load up your picture to our live count« or online styling options for the shield.

• Cooperation with the famous TV-show »The Big Bang Theory« or its cast.
Connection point would be the arctic snowflake Leornad gives to Penny in episode 3-01.

• A crowd funding campaign for  »The Arctic Shield Patrol«, a Greenpeace Group protectiong the arctic in the meantime. Rewards could be special items with your personal snowflake on it.


Snowflakes can have billions of shapes,
which can be determined mathematically.

A software generating snowflakes based on a users data
is a feasible piece of software. The same goes for a program
placing the snowflake in various graphic files.


Snowflakes from,
Backgrounds from (web graphics & film-screenshots)
TBBT-Title from (wallpaper), further free and/or licenced stock material.

What problem does your idea solve?

There is no instant and/or personal reward in signing a petition. And there is only a weak connection to other signees. It is not easy to feel as part of a movement.

How does your idea solve the problem?

When you sign the petition on, a snowflake generator uses the signing data as parameters for generating a unique fractal graphic: The snowflake on your personal badge.

This badge is a reward. The snowflake shield is a symbol creating a group identity (like the aids ribbon). It's available in multiple sizes and formats, so that you can easily share it with others and spread the conversation.

Which (communication) means are necessary to turn your idea into a reality?

Snowflake Generator Software, Website redesign, Flyers, videos & banners.

Optionally: new website and online tools, crowd-funding project