Tag the Arctic
Everyone who signs the petition will be tagged in a picture of the claimed protective area



Some thoughts on how to go viral.

Individual Tags as Snowfakes no part of the Idea anymore: As AlexSuchy already has submitted an Idea with personalized snowflakes I took this out of my idea. Tags as personalized snowflakes/ice-floes anyhow could work very well in this Idea.  Have a look at AlexSuchys Idea how this could look like:  http://savethearctic.jovoto.com/ideas/29105

How does it work:

1.Greenpeace will set up an online-map of the arctic and the area to protect ( this map could also be used to monnunicate the problems in specific areas).

2. Everyone who signs the petition can tag himself in the protective area at a unique coordinate.

Incentives to participate:

  1. Help save the arctic

  2. Being part of a world-record

  3. Optional: When the goal is reached there will be:

    a) a lottery where all subscriber can win prices

    b) prices that go to the subscribers who got the most friends to participate

    Prices could include small ones like t-shirts or bigger ones like meeting celebrities getting a ice-monument in the arctis or even naming the protected area after the winner....)

What does it communicate:

Together we are strong (shows the power of the community).

The arctis belongs to everyone and everyone can claim his part virtual and in reality.

What problem does your idea solve?

Engaging millions of people to sign the petition on a small budget

How does your idea solve the problem?

Strong incentive to participate by making subscribers part of a world record Additional incentive generated through a lottery

Which (communication) means are necessary to turn your idea into a reality?