Uncover dirty business!
People who usually don't get active for environmental problems can be captured by simple activities.


The basic idea is a double play of words with the words 'uncover' and 'dirty', which also works whith the german language and probably other idioms, too. first of all you can find black oil-slicks everywhere in public space, for example on tables, desks, on the floor. if they are discovered there and uncovered by curious fellows  the second part of the action ist starting to work:  Information about the arctic problem together with the invitation to get even more active by helping to uncover the dirty strategies of the oil industry � first of all by signing the internet petition but also by helping to spread the oil-slicks to other places in order to reach a maximum of public consciousness. The whole action can easily be performed, because expenses are quite low (printed cardboard)and the oil-slicks can be brought to public space by greenpeace activists (for example at information points, cultural events ...) and are supposed to be dropped then at almost every kind of open space by ecological supporters of the greenpeace action.
The online application asks supporters of greenpeace (private persons, companies, brands, bands, organisations ...) to give greenpeace space on their website for 1 day (or longer ...), which means this time to donate attention instead of money. a simple plug-in script on the site makes a pop-up oil-slick appear on top of the contents. if you click it, it turns round and gives the message by giving the visitor the choice to either support or not. in the first case the oil-slick disappears and the greenpeace site will show up as another pop-up, in the second case the oil-slick just disappears and the hostsite can be visited as usual.

What problem does your idea solve?

Getting people in action who usually can't be moved easily without asking for to much investment . May-be this way you can reach also people who aren't classical supporters of ecological movements.

How does your idea solve the problem?

Information and contents are bonded to small activities. Because the first action has already been taking place by uncovering the oil-slick, even before the first piece of information is given, the next step to virtually uncovering dirty business just seems logical, including personal activity. with the possibility to contribute actively to spreading further the idea by putting the oil-slick to another place, people get the chance to be an active member of an ecological movement.

Which (communication) means are necessary to turn your idea into a reality?

You need a sufficient stock of printed cardboard oil-slicks to get the action started at the most strategic hotspots by greenpeace activists. Greenpeace followers and future supporters will then take over spreading the idea even to distant areas.
You also need a script for the online plug-in that can easily be added to and removed from sites.

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