Label arctic friendly products
A label for arctic-friendly products for which not much oil is used


Due to long transport distances and a lot of unnecessary packaging and plastic parts much oil is consumed in the form of fuel and plastics, leading to more and more "oil starvation" that increases the threatening of the arctic.

If you award regional products that just need little oil to be arctic friendly, it will be a "win-win-win-win-win situation":
+ customers have already done good bying this product and therefore are in a positive mood and more willing to "just" do even more good and sign the petition
+ who has done good likes talking about it, more people will buy arctic-friendly products, the news will spread quickly, to be arctic friendly will become "hip" :-)
+good for the environment by reducing air pollution
+the manufacturers may sell more if they advertise their products to be arctic friendly
+ the Arctic will not be that desirable anymore if the oil starvation decreases

You could, for example award farmers selling their products from the farm shop without plastic bags, seasonal vegetables and fruit in general, but also the clothing that is produced in Germany and not imported from Bangladesh and not dyed with toxic chemical cocktails.
You could give print files to paper or cloth bag manufacturerers, to manufacturers of other environmentally friendly wrapping (without oil) ..
Text on the label can be adapted to the products, such as "oil-free"

What problem does your idea solve?

Customers are drawn to the Arctic problem, a connection to "their world" is shown, awareness will be rising, wide spreading of the information, many signatures

How does your idea solve the problem?

Information is taken home, manufacturers can "decorate" their products with the award, it will be "chic" to be arctic friendly

Which (communication) means are necessary to turn your idea into a reality?

Labels, contributors, print files, maybe information materials for companies