Dunk Tank
Dunk Tank filled with "dirty" Water which looks like oil - Street action


My idea:
A greenpeace employee dressed up in a polar bear costume is sitting on the chair across the basin. By throwing a ball against the shutter (oil hole) the chair would turn down (the ice melt) and the polar bear will fall into the dirty oil (obviously not a real oil). We of course want to avoid. The passers-by are therefore asked whether they want to take 3x to drop the polar bear to see OR if they would prefer to sign the petition so that the polar bear stays clean. And I hope for the greenpeace employee that most passers pity on him :)


What problem does your idea solve?

Through the action is alerted to the contamination of the Arctic. And based on the polar bear you can also see what happens when you press the shutter button, so start the oil hole. The ice breaks away (the chair) and the polar bear is dirty (the schutzige water / oil).

How does your idea solve the problem?

One thinks about it, you have to decide immediately. I want to make the polar bear is dirty or I want him to stay clean.

Which (communication) means are necessary to turn your idea into a reality?

Dunk tank stand and a few greenpeace volunteer staff with a penchant for polar bear costumes :)

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