The black igloo
The black igloo


Information kiosk mimicking an igloo but black colored. Inside volunteers from Greenpeace will inform about the signature campaign.

A black igloo template that will be available to download from the web site could be used to be printed in merchandising products or for guerrilla actions.

The black color links to the oil drilling in the arctic problem, it will make people be curious about this black igloo and get inside to see what it´s all about or scan the qr code to see where it links.

Pictures by Cappellmeister, Official U.S. Navy Imagery and spiraltri3e under creative commons license

What problem does your idea solve?

It makes the campaign visible on streets

How does your idea solve the problem?

Installing information kiosks in public spaces.

With the use of the template printed on merchandising products or in guerrilla actions any one interested can help to spread the awareness campaign.

Which (communication) means are necessary to turn your idea into a reality?

To prototype and produce the igloo kiosks. It could be made out of black coated polystyrene, which is a cheap and light material. The kiosk could be completely carved using cnc technology of assembled using smaller pieces.

To design and make available to download the black igloo template.