interactive online Flashmob
Be a part of the first online flashmob EVER


Step 1
Encourage people to be a part of the first online flashmob EVER. Everyone who sign the petition will get a code and password for log into the special flashmob website.

Step 2
Visit the savethearctic-flashmob-website on the planned date and time and log in. You can upload a picture as avatar from you and than �you� are on the arctic and be a part of the great flashmob.

Step 3
Now you as your online avatar can go around, jump or swim - like in an online game. You only have to use the arrow buttons on your tastatur to control. And every time, someone log into the site, he or she get visible on the arctic. At the end you can see a lot of people, walking on the arctic.

Step 4
The webmaster takes over the control and moves all flashmob people into a large chain. All are standing hand in hand around the arctic to protect it. And if there are some people missing, the circle is not closed and the protection is not finished. So it is up to the people who take part to bring more and more people to this �online demo� to close the circle and save the arctic.

Infos to the game:
At my research I found out, that greenpeace programmed a mobile game named "Arctic Defender" (
So I thought - maybe - it is possible to implement this game into this new flashmob website to create a huge online game and everyone who participate and log in, can play this together. Maybe they can programm some tasks like take away the tools for oil drilling or put the shell employees into a boat and send them away. All people who sign the petition left their email adress. So greenpeace can send all the code and password. The program can show all people who sign the petition and this people who log in at the right date and time can additionally play the game and help to save the arctic by doing some important actions (see above). And if you press a key (maybe 5 on your tastatur) the program places all people hand in hand and show a large chain around the arctic. If the goal of this action is 5.000.000 people you can see, how many people are still missing in the chain. The program shows you the number of the missing people and ask you, if you can invite some friends to join in to fill the gap. This Flashmob is not a normally flashmob which takes 5 minutes and then everybody goes away. This homepage is activated as long as all people close the chain. I hope you can imagine what I want to explain.

What problem does your idea solve?

problem of gets more signatures for saving the arctic

How does your idea solve the problem?

With a online Flashmob. People wants to be online on the arctic and be a part of the huge crowd. They can also move interactive (jump, walk, swim ect.) and also share this event with friends. They can invite friends to come into this flashmob - maybe to come in the guiness book for the biggest online flashmob event ever!

Which (communication) means are necessary to turn your idea into a reality?

Online-Banner, Facebook posts, Website especially for this flashmob

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