Art project: upload OIL
Art project OIL: The voice of the people and the canvas of the flora and fauna


The art project OIL is based on an idea of combining art, people and nature in order to force global attention towards the local environment of the Inuit societies covering Russia, United States, Canada and Greenland and of course the sea in between. The Arctic is not only inhabited by some of the largest and rarest animals in the world, it is also (unlike the Antarctica) populated by humans.

The Inuit know what is going on. They not only see the global warming, they live in the consequenses of it. Each year dramatic climatic changes due to global warming are forcing the Inuit to change their way of life - as the majority are totally dependant on nature and the climate to make a living. 

Inuit cannot own land. Innuit cannot own water, sea, animal or mineral. Inuit can borrow. But Inuit also in the end will pay back.

In cooperation with Greenpeace, artists worldwide and the local people of the Arctic OIL is a simple idea of taking a word and making it into a powerful statement via art. Main focus is to create awareness: 

We can take and use as much OIL as we want, but are we ready to face the consequenses of doing so?

As an outlet, the well-visited Westgreenland could be a take-off ground. Artists collaborate with local representatives to create temporary visuals. Postcards could be manufactured as a longterm. The word OIL is marked on objects where it doesn't normally belong and the locals are encouraged to submit their own OILs via a website. Tourists visiting will be live-audience but their pictures will also spread digitally. A website where you can upload your OILs runs a neverending and hopefully continueosly extending slideshow. People anywhere in the world are encouraged to ad OILs and follow the webpage.

Hopefully this will generate a natural interest in the Arctic and even more so, to consider if one is ready or willing to face the consequenses of oil drilling in the Arctic. Also it gives the local people, and thereby also the flora and fauna of the Arctic, a face and a voice in global context.

When OIL'ing you are asked to join Greenpeace in the fight against the OIL drilling in the Arctic.

OIL could be passed on to future Greenpeace projects and will have an effect not only right now, but as a living and breathing awareness project for years to come.

Extra thoughts_alternative marketing next to internet
-> exhibition of the OILs
-> postcards from the Arctic made of OILs
-> book/booklet of the OILs

What problem does your idea solve?

It puts the Arctic "on the map" through the voice of the people and the canvas of the flora and fauna. It has the potential to grow and to be used in future projects.

How does your idea solve the problem?

With almost zero to none paraphernalia this project could raise awareness to the locality of the Arctic and it's inhabitants. At the same time it emphasises and encourages all spectators to think about OIL and OIL drilling. It sticks out from other campaigns, because it forces us to see OIL out of it's normal context.

Which (communication) means are necessary to turn your idea into a reality?

Internet, art-websites and blogs, postcards, books, tourism and exhibitions