Saving the Arctic PIECE BY PIECE
"Piece by piece" is tangible: One piece of Arctic is your contribution – shown in a public artwork.


It is our aim to motivate people differently – with a focus on new target groups that don't respond to animal-based communication strategies.
At the same time we asked ourselves: How to create a direct connection to this geographically far distant region, that is not very tangible for most people, e.g. in Germany?

Our solution consists of an online and offline approach. All participants in the petition receive geographic coordinates of their personal “Arctic piece” and are able to display it in an online map.

Furthermore, they can track their individual contribution to a real, physical artwork that will at the same time attract local attention in the cities where this ArtWall is set up.
All of this can be shared in social media through a variety of ways.

– For details, please consult the pdf-document. –

What problem does your idea solve?

Participating in a petition as "one of a million" does not offer you a personalized feedback. Furthermore, the Arctic is far away-region, thus, it is not very tangible for people in Western Europe or Germany in particular. For many, it is difficult to build up an emotional connection to the Arctic.

How does your idea solve the problem?

"Piece by piece" makes the Save The Arctic-campaign personal, physical and local. By combing online and offline means, it makes the Arctic tangible and it makes it attractive to participate in the petition.

You "get" a PERSONALIZED PIECE of the Arctic and participate in a LOCAL ARTWORK.

It is: tangible for participants, immediate feedback, personalized, visualized, participatory, local, offline, cultural /art event, multi-channel, involving existing Greenpeace volunteers /info stands

Which (communication) means are necessary to turn your idea into a reality?

The concept is holistic. ONLINE, it needs a map of the Arctic, a profile picture generator and a livestream. IN THE RESPECTIVE CITY, a wall is required, painting equipment and a stable internet connection for transmitting a live video. STAFF needed consists of local volunteers plus a ArtWall city tour management and professional Greenpeace PR for the events.

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