This Is My Signature
Promoting the campaign through engaging videos, poster and/or photographs submitted by the public.


"This Is My Signature" is a campaign that seeks to engage the public into creating and submitting creative works (videos, posters and/or photos) that convey a strong message about the huge negative impact that oil drilling in the Arctic can cause. These ideas are a different and stronger way of signing the petition.

The different works can be uploaded into the existing site ( where they can be shared(Facebook/Twitter/YouTube), rated, or supported with an extra signature.These signatures can be turned into posters, pins, t-shirts as well as being projected (videos) in public places i.e: Times Square NY. Each proposal must start or end with the message : THIS IS MY SIGNATURE.
When a user uploads an idea, the same registry form for signing the petition is used.

What problem does your idea solve?

Lack of connection with the problem and lack of information about the oil companies' intentions.

How does your idea solve the problem?

Creates a platform where public can take a deeper look at the threat in the Arctic thanks to a fresh and creative approach. People can be more engaged (viral content) and empathize quicker with a situation they might initially think, does not affect them.

Which (communication) means are necessary to turn your idea into a reality?

An additional section/s on the existing web page, campaign exposure on Greenpeace's facebook page, twitter etc. Buy related Google adwords that could redirect web traffic to the campaigns site or content.