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Support Greenpeace with your unusual communication idea!

Your task is to develop clever and unusual communication ideas that encourage as many people as possible to sign the Greenpeace petition on www.savethearctic.org and therefore contribute to protecting the Arctic!


What is www.savethearctic.org all about?

Shell and other corporations want to drill for oil in the Arctic, although oil drilling is particularly dangerous in this area due to the extreme conditions. There is no safe method to deal with oil spills in the freezing waters of the Arctic. 


Greenpeace is committed to protecting this unique region: on www.savethearctic.org already more than two million people worldwide are supporting the campaign to protect the Arctic. Help us to increase this number!


What else do you have to know?

  • There is a total of €2,500 prize money for the Community favorites.
  • The submission phase begins on 6th of May 2013 and ends on 10th of June 2013; the assessment phase ends on 17th of June 2013.


Project Jury

Awarded ideas