Mit den Augen einer EXILIM / Through the eyes of an EXILIM


Update 17.3

After Lucky Luke quit collaboration, changes had to be made (-:

Adapted concept:

"See the world through the eyes of an EXILIM"

Highspeed-fotography with an EX-FH100 makes it possible to see the world in a different way.

The motion goes literally throug the eyes (lens) of the camera and in this way shows the benefits of the highspeed abillities.

Land-In Page Concept

Visually it picks up the composition of the horizontal banner as well as the current apperance of the header of the �EXILIM-Homepage�

2 extra features:

�Create Pattern�: Visitor can creat pattern on their own by choosing from a range of sports, lightsituations, colours.. ? As we are in the Internet the result can be: saved, shared, shown...

�Learn to land a trick�: Visitors can learn from fotos and movies how to do a movement.

Bowth features can help to show the benefits of Highspeed-Photography by seeing the world in a new way. As well artistically as analytically.


Nun auch in Bewegung:
Ich habe die Idee insofern erweitert, das ich 40 Bilder genutzt habe. Die Flugphase entspricht in etwa 1 Sek. und zeigt somit was maximal möglich ist.
Zwei weitere Motive als Beispiele

I developed the idea by using 40 pictures for the animation. The "airtime" equates aproximatly 1 Sek and shows what is possible in one second.
Two more  motives as examples

Lucky Luke lässt grüßen (-;
Schneller als der Schatten?

Mehr Motive und Animation in Kürze

(Bildrechte liegen bei Corbis)


Inspired by Lucky Luke (-;
Faster than shadow?

More motives and animation will follow soon

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