FIRST - what
You can watch the animations on these 2 links in better resolution and nearly full screen so you get an impression how it will look on a real website.

Here are the links:
Skateboard Action
MTB & BMX Action
Quicktime requiered!

SECOND - who
If you recognize the whole "action sports target group" from snowboard, skateboard, bmx to motocross you will see that all websites are very colorfull and there is a lot of going on.

THIRD - what
You have to be powerfull in the visual, like the briefing said. The possibility of standard gif oder Flash Banners (f.e. skyscraper etc..) would propably not work. The banner should be a flash layer the click rates for this kind of banners are very high. Combined with a normal banner the ad would be very powerfull.

FOURTH - call to action
The target is to get the user to the landig page who he can learn more about the product. The following will be the rule: More to click, less visitor on the landig page. So only one klick should be the best.

FIFTH - describtion
Every skater, biker and so on, have it's own style, i didn't mean the tricks it's more the kind of doing things, so now with a high speed cam which makes 1000fps on video you can see in slowmotion your or your buddies style!

The colorfull inks suggest the colorfull brilliance of the ccd-censor, the slowmotion suggest the possibilities of what you can see.

I hope you all like it, it was so far the best approch that i ever did for jovoto. I spend the whole weekend to produce the animations, there are not perfekt cause the footage material was not good but i did my best.