Klick. Klick. Klick...



Like suggested I replaced the pic-symbols with thumbs, and also used 

the Idea of a shutter at the end. (@ jvonderau: thx...)


This is my first published Idea on Jovoto and I would like to greet all the



Klick. Klick. Klick... 60 pics per second.

That�s pretty cool and the core of my concept.

I used a �Sport-Pic� for the Flash banner-layout, but that�s replaceable.

The point is to capture the perfect moment. Thanks to 60 pics per second

it�s  much easier to shot the perfect picture.

The landig-Page should give the User the feeling to navigate the content via the 

cameras display.

@ mavin: We had a similar Idea, ... sorry, but I didn�t steal yours.