The Beauty of the Moment


The idea:
In our lives we experience lots of ordinary moments that seem to be nothing special. With the CASIO EX-FH100 however, one can "keep" those moments. The special feature of the camera is the high speed function, which captures these moments in every beautiful detail. This results in the most fascinating images, which are usually invisible to the human eye.

We show the slow motion movie of a shaking dog and a karate fighter as he smashes concrete slabs, etc.
The recordings used are taken from the Discovery Channel series "Time Warp" (DMAX / "Schneller als das Auge".)

Taken a step further, it might also be possible to arrange a cooperation with DMAX directly, followed by a contest, in which owners of the CASIO EX-FH100 submit their fantastic images on the CASIO website. (1st prize could be a day on the set of "Time Warp / Schneller als das Auge")
Copyright of the movies / pictures lies with Discovery Channel / DMAX and / or the series "Time Warp / Schneller als das Auge"

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