Your Real-Life Replay Button.


Please watch the video right to the replay button to get the full idea of the concept. If you want you can watch the video in better quality right here.

Because the target group are young and high experienced internet users that get easily annoyed by the typical banner ads, I tried to think literally "out of the box" and looked around what else could be possible in times of web 2.0.

So I found the possibility to create a "banner" out of a transparent flash layer which can be placed on top of the normal website. On the first sight, it will look like two standard skyscraper banners.

More ideas:
Other (graphic) examples with the same banner-to-banner mechanism will follow as soon as I have time. At the moment I'm imagining things like:

  • skateboarder grinding over the logo of a website
  • biker jumping out of a quarterpipe into another one
  • basketball player making a dunk
  • ....
I'm thinking about a highly interactive landing page, where you have sportsmen jumping, running, grinding and flying all over the place - and if you want, you can watch every single one of them in a replay - or all together at the same time?

Headline: Because there is no replay button in real-life!
Subline: CASIO EXILIM - your real-life replay button!

Thanks: This is my first try on jovoto. Big up to the whole community and his makers - you're really magnificent