Sience Bridging Nations

Almost three million people with Turkish roots live in Germany. Almost five million German people travel to Turkey every year. The country straddling the Orient and Occident is one of the most popular foreign travel destinations for German tourists. Germany and Turkey are closely linked by friendship and familial ties.

The German-Turkish 2014 Year of Research, Education and Innovation is a joint initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey and is supported by many noteworthy partners from the worlds of politics, research and science. Under the motto “Science Bridging Nations” the two countries are strengthening their existing strong bonds with forward-looking projects.

Your task

Design a poster that expresses the cooperation between Germany and Turkey to commemorate the German-Turkish Year of Science 2014. 

Any creative form of expression – such as drawings, photos, photo-realistic artwork, illustrations, typographic designs and collages – is therefore very welcome.

The timing

Submission opens on June 16th and can be uploaded until July 21st 2014.

What face to you give the German-Turkish cooperation?

Show us your surprising, emotional, reflective and respectful point of view on this special friendship!

Project Jury

Awarded ideas