A Second Life

Design a clever and useful product made from secondary aluminum that showcases the material’s value and versatility.


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Hello everyone!
I'm Jess, and I'll be your Creative Guide for this project. That means that I'm hear to give you feedback and pass along the client's comments in order to help you develop your submissions! I'm also happy to answer any questions you have about the platform and process. To get answers even faster, you can also take a look at our FAQ for lots of information about how things work around here!
I'm excited to help you work through this cool task, and explore new uses for recycled aluminum. Before starting, be sure to read the Guidelines, regulations, comments section of the brief, so you know- before you go (and get your design on)!
A quick overview: We highly recommend you to *fill out the project templates!** It's much more helpful for us and the client to understand your ideas Please *do NOT use the Nespresso logo, imagery or font on your design** We are looking for *products with a clever, innovative use rather than an artistic object** You can use additional materials, but *your product should be at least 70% recycled aluminum**
Now, we're looking forward to see what you come up with! And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch! Best, Jess

Thanks for this great project ;-)

Glad you think so! We do too :D

Looking forward to see your submission!

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be out of the office for the next couple of weeks, so while I’m gone our talented Creative Guide Dora will take over from here.

She’s been briefed and onboarded, so she’s here and ready to give you feedback and answer all of your questions.

I’m excited to come back and see how your ideas have developed! All the best Jess

Thanks Jess!
Hi everyone, I am looking forward to be taking over here as a Guide for those couple of weeks! Any questions you have in this period, please now let them come my way - via pm or if you think it could be relevant for all then as a comment under the Brief. I'll do my best to get them answered!
Here's a brief reminder of one point that Jess mentioned already above: *We highly recommend you to fill out the project templates! It's much more helpful for us and the client to understand your ideas.
Thanks, Yours, - Dora

Welcome Dora..Hope to get some great insights from your side.

its any template in English ? I only get the German one

Hi there Carlos!
In the Project Kit you should be able to find the English template. In fact I am not quite sure where you found the German one?
Best, Dora

Brief says: "The only limitation is that secondary aluminum is not allowed to be used for food packaging." My question is: Does this mean that what we propose should not have any contact with food? Or can we come up with somehting like a plate since it is not quite a packaging? Thanks.

Hi there oxelot, I'll get this checked for you today! :)

Dear everyone,
We had a short Client Call with Nespresso today and there is one aspect - that also came up as a question here - about food related design products.

To avoid any (further) confusion regarding this issue, we would like you to focus only on non-food related objects. So please do not further submit anything related to food, beverages, or their consumption. We know that some of you already put quite some thought and effort into a food-related design and the client acknowledges this. However, as regulations concerning materials used for food packaging, processing, or consumption are quite complex, we have reached the decision to exclude designs that fall under this category.

We will also update the Brief accordingly and look forward to seeing even more of your innovative, functional and iconic design ideas!
Keep in mind that your proposed object should be made of min.70% aluminum and don’t forget to visually highlight which parts these are.
Thanks a lot,

Since we seem to have a little outbreak of designs branded with nepresso logos... If you think Nespresso logo is what your project needs to become convincing, think harder.

And if you are convinced that your projects do not require a reinforcement logo, what is your problem?

;-) my work will be done in some hours, hope no one post some similar too.

Hey guys! The guidelines are clear and the same for everyone! Looking forward to see new proposals :)

Hi tcurtisart - the Victorinox x Nespresso partnership is a very good example. However the exclusive use of recycled Nespresso capsule can only be guaranteed in Switzerland since this is the only market where Nespresso has its own recycling program for the coffee capsules. In all other markets Nespresso aims to encourage Nespresso users to recycle their capsules in the general recycling process with all the other aluminum waste resulting in general secondary aluminum. Therefore products cannot be labeled. Hope this helps to clarify the specific case you mentioned.

Very cooll!!! what a coincidence!

Hi Everybody, I hate to be a grinch, But to avoid errors , better check about the properties of aluminum again , befor you present your product. The link given just roughly describe mostly positiv characteristic properties. Alu ist strong , but not very hard. So for everything what has to interact with hard materials it is not a good choice, Check the chemical properties as well. Alu is also not a good choice for wetrooms, hygiene products etc.

Right, but you can anodize aluminum so it became a better surface protection. Aluminum will be used too for the hygiene in hospitals, laboratories and more.

But thanks for the post ;-)

Source: http://www.zarges.com/en/company/zarges-products-standards/vorteile-aluminium/

Dear all, it's great to see so many ideas pouring in!
This week we will have some news for you - the Halftime Feedback is coming up! For that, please keep in mind to upload you ideas until the end of today, June 26 at 23:59 (Berlin Time). That ensures you that your submission will be considered for sure. Anything uploaded later may not be considered.
Thanks a lot & keep on going!
Yours, Dora

Dear Brian, it is exactly because of lumb sources like this, I decided to post this comment to help people to avoid wasting time.

Thanks for the reply, I think not it's a lumb source, it exactly what you can found in many books about materials science and materials engineering. The form, material thickness and type of finishing gives the tone too. But is ok, will be an endless story ;-) have a nice day.

Hello everyone,

I think are very interesting this contest, I searched for information about iconic design and I share a few links on the subject, because it is not a simple task which offers us this contest. If any of you have additional information about iconic design I invite you to share your links on this post.

I wish you a great week :)

LINKS: http://www.designorate.com/product-design-icons-from-the-20-century/ Http://www.complex.com/style/2013/02/the-50-most-iconic-designs-of-everyday-objects/ Https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/gallery/2009/oct/16/top-10-iconic-chairs Http://culture.pl/en/article/15-iconic-polish-designs

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCetNudEqks

Thanks for your input Gerardo and the useful links!

Hi Brian,Oops, I can’t hardly imagine something more anti precise than this info from a salesman . Is there only one sort of wood? No way !!! there are 1000++super -very – different ..same with steel etc. regards Ulli

Dear all,
It’s great to see so many submissions coming in day by day. As previously announced, we had our Halftime Feedback talk with Nespresso and I am really happy to share the insights with you! Let’s get to it:
They are really happy with the quality and quantity of your submissions so far - and look forward to what’s still coming. Keep up the great work!
When working on your product ideas, already in the ideation process the following criteria (that are already in the Brief too) are very important to keep in mind:
Your object should have a meaningful added value (“make everyday life easier” with a “clever functionality”) It should raise awareness about the topics of recycling & sustainability (“aluminum is not waste, but a very valuable and versatile material.”) Make sure your idea is feasible (and therefore simple) and fit for prototyping
Please focus on the target group mentioned in the Brief: “people in their twenties or upper mid-agers (30-45 years old), who have small families.” Yes, of course children are part of a family too, yet the object should be more of a useful item for the adults described above.
Objects that are used in everyday life are very much welcome. An item you use on a daily basis can be a smart and subtle reminder (on top of the functionality) of “A Second Life”. If on top it also has an extra added functionality (think everyday life problem solving) you are absolutely on the right track!
Now I have the pleasure to announce which 3 ideas are rewarded at this stage! The following submissions fulfill the criteria of the Brief so far really well and will receive the Halftime Feedback Award:
“Kick it! Scooter” by Eduard doesn’t only convince with a very nice, simple and neat design for a useful object: a foldable scooter made out of recycled aluminum. It also picks up the topic of sustainability once more on a different level by integrating the Nespresso Travel Mug for your coffee to go. Very clever, very stylish and extremely sustainable!
“Infinit - The Iconic Toothbrush” by the dream team of Tolga and Cagatay sticks out by solving an everyday life problem not only on one but on several levels at the same time. It’s not only a stylish eye catching version of a simple object. It’s really practical and hygienic: no need for a holder. It’s sustainable: less waste due to the aluminum body, which is very durable, only the tops need to be changed. It’s also surprising and fun with the stand-up effect. Great solution team!
Another idea of Eduard, “An everyday reminder - The phone case” also made it to this shortlist, with exactly this argumentation. It’s a very gentle, subtle everyday reminder on “A Second Life” that whispers in your ear “I’m made out of 100% recycled aluminum, I used to be your coffee capsule” (hopefully not while you’re on the phone) ;)
I hope these directions and extra hints are useful to you when working on new ideas / updates. I am really excited to see what’s more to come - if you stick to the aspects above I am sure it will be exciting!
Congratulations once again to the Halftime Feedback Award winners too, let’s rock the second half at least as much as the first one!
Yours, Dora

Hi Dora, Is there a limit to the number of ideas that can be presented?

Thank you

Dear Mario, thanks for asking! As for this project there is no idea limit. Best, Dora

So if there is no idea limit, can we also submit something that someone else has submitted already? I see couple of bikes for instance, but with different concept and design.

Hi there Oxelot, Thanks for checking. You kinda said it yourself: if it's DIFFERENT (concept and design) yes you can go ahead!

Where can I submit my idea?

Thanks Brian :)
Hi Maria! You can find the answers to a ton of questions in our FAQ for creatives. If you happen not to find there answer you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact your Creative Guide or the jovot Support Center by submitting a request in the FAQ Help Center :) ALl the best, Jess

Dear everyone, we have entered the last week of submissions!
You have been great, it's really exciting to follow up on new ideas day by day. Keep it up for the final countdown!
A short reminder: If you haven't filled out the Project Template yet - please do take your time to do so now :)
Thanks a lot! Yours, - Dora

Dear Jovotans, We have updated our "Infinit - Toothbrush" project considering your responds. Please check out and comment. We would like to hear from you.

Have a great day!

Brief is not for reclame!

Dear Cagatay! Indeed as much as we cheer for your update, Polygon is right. Please do not use this space (which is reserved for Brief / task related questions) for discussing your idea. Please mark your ideas as updated in the name rather. Thanks a lot!

Dear Dora, We are sorry for giving disturbance. It takes time to learn some rules due to being a newbie. Thank you all for your understanding. Best Regards

That's okay, no worries! Just for the future ;)

I see many products that really are not feasible to manufacture! That its authors do not explain how they would do, with what processes, How many pieces do they have and how are they joined together I observe many ideas that are beautiful illustrations but impossible to bring to reality. (Knowing to draw does not imply, that can do from the technical point, added to this the economic point, the costs, because that something can be done, if its cost is ridiculous by the expensive thing, can not be done) It is the difference between a graphic designer, an illustrator, an architect or an industrial or product designer. :) (studying industrial manufacturing processes) I believe that in the authors of the ideas should place as they would with which industrial processes. It is good that the judges take this into account. Greetings and good luck to all.

Good point Alexis. You can give us an example by explaining the manufacturing process, costs and overall need of your "Decorative dish sponge holder with drainage". Cheers!

Nice point but I believe that in an open innovation platform people should feel unchained. Manucaturing details and technical details are easier than finding a good idea. Different people have different backgrounds here and that is why this platform is good. I think this is not a platform for making products which are ready to manfacture

Hi Alexis, Yes you are right in some points. However I am not completely agree with you. We should celebrate or accept every different ideas as they all have a potential to trigger an innovative and completely new idea. This is one of key points of open innovation approach. Some ideas/projects in the past were not possible to manufacture in that moment, however they could get possible in time with consistent development in the technology. In addition, these kind of ideas also push technology limits forward Of course, feasibility is very important for companies here and as I observe it directly affects their choice. However, for the community, diversity and quantity of ideas whether they are feasible or not, are also very very important to inspire each other and boost our creativity. Otherwise, we won't be surprised with the results by limiting ourselves with the feasibility. To achieve feasible concept , it is important to collaborate and give useful feedbacks to each other. That's what actually Jovoto encourages. I just wanted to state my thoughts. Best regards, Tolga

tolgatuncer: Thanks for your comment ..... I also wanted to just express my thoughts and that is why I wrote what I wrote. Not what I did, so that somebody is offended, but to raise the level of the competition ... because the first thing they teach in the university is that if you design a product, you must be able to manufacture ... obviously there is a stage of exploration Where creativity should not be restrained by any technical emulation, but irremediably after this is well in a technical stage, which determines, materials, manufacturing processes, costs, parts, bonds, bonds, surface treatments, usability, etc etc ... The exchange of opinions is always good. Best regards, Alexis :)

Aybars Senyildiz: I never said that the plot closed or that this contest can only present ideas some people and others not .... I only gave my opinion about something to study, to add, not to subtract. At least, I expect that from a platform, comments and criticisms to learn from them. Best regards, Alexis :)

Barbu Bogdan AlexandruIs: First of all thank you for losing your precious time in reading my comments. Regarding what you say: already explained my project (read it is available to everyone). Have a nice day. And Cheers! For you also.

Dears, only 2,5 hours left for submissions!
Please if you haven't done it yet, do it NOW: pls fill out the Project Template from the Brief and attach it to your presentation as a new slide. Thanks a lot!

Wow, what a ride.. The submission period just came to an end with over 250 ideas uploaded from your side! Thank you all for participating, the results look great and it has been a pleasure to follow up on them on a daily basis!
But all is not over yet: we have just entered a week of "rating only" period, which you should use to leave your fair votes under the ideas and make your voice heard when it comes to determine the Community Winners.
Keep on watching this space for any further news and updates. All the Best, yours, Dora

Hi Dora, being a first timer here, I am not familiar with the time frames. How long after the voting stage is closed are the winners announced? Thanks a lot and good luck to everybody that entered this contest!

Hello, Valentin, generally in Jovoto, takes 1 week after voting are closed to do a rating monitoring, when this stage ends will be anounced all comunity winners, about client choices that take more time, the time frame starts from 2 extra weeks or more. i Hope this info was helpfull to you.

Hi Gerardo, thanks a lot for your reply, it was helpful :)

Thanks a lot Gerardo indeed!

Hello everyone, I've got news for you and you're going to like it: We have the Community Winners!
Thanks for all your votes and let me congratulate the following winners:
The Community Prizes go to: 1: Infinit - The Iconic Toothbrush by team tolgatuncer & Cagatay 2: Kick it! scooter by Eduard 3: DEW - Water Harvester by team Mauricio & Susana 4: moora - THE INFINITE PEN by Architempo 5: Al bicycle by Monstro
And that's not all yet. The best collaborations were the following: Infinit - The Iconic Toothbrush by tolgatuncer & Cagatay DEW - Water Harvester by Mauricio & Susana and Light Bell tracker by elodie & Roshan GREAT TEAM WORK!
Thanks to out top 3 feedback givers as well: Kakel, tolgatuncer and tcurtisart!
Now we can stay excited to hear what the Client has thought! If I have any news on that, I will let you know here :)
Congrats to all community winners & see you all soon! Yours, Dora

Dear Creatives,
I'm happy to close the project and announce the Client's Choice winners for A Second Life project! Congratulations to tolgatuncer and Cagatay Afsar for their great collaborative submission Infinit - The Iconic Toothbrush!
Big applause goes also to the Client's Shortlist winners:
Piotr Wycichowski for RING TOOL 2.0
kapetannemo for Moving
Barbu Bogdan Alexandru for Birdhouse
Stepan Jirka for EssentiAl
Eduard Betiuc for An everyday reminder - The phone case and for Kick it! scooter
Aybars Senyildiz for Simple Chair and for RECYCLED
elodie delassus and Roshan Hakkim for collaborating on Light Bell tracker
Mauricio Carvajal and Susana Restrepo for collaborating on DEW - Water Harvester
Thank you all for the great work!

Big congrats to all the winners :)

Congrats to all winners great project!!!! Awesome results!

Big congratulations to all winners! :)

Congrats all. It was a nice experience. :)