Nomad espresso maker
Portable espresso maker made from secondary aluminium.


Nomad is an espresso maker for Nespresso capsules you can carry with you everywhere. Its an all in one solution which offers customers new experience. Nomad is meant to be a giveaway object for Nespresso customers as a reward for recycing their coffee capsules. The innovative portable construction and premium look give it a potentional to become a desirable product and to create a wow effect.

What makes your product bold and innovative?

Nomad is product of a real value and function. Its construction is fairly simple. The main body holds hot water. By screwing in a lid with a pressure gauge the water gets pressurised. By pushing a button the hot water is released through a Nespresso capsule in the cup. The body and the cup are lined with plastic serving as an insulation. The whole product is very compact, clean looking with sensitive application of a 3d pattern and Nespresso colors which gives it sporty but premium look

Which target group is this product aimed at?

Nomad is targeting people in twenties and thirties who have active lifestyle and value premium products. Posibility to enjoy Nespresso during outdoor activities creates even stronger bond between the customer, brand and the environment.

Why is secondary aluminum the perfect material for your idea?

Aluminium is a robust lightweight material which makes it a perfect material for outdoor equipment. It is easy to machine which makes it a great prototyping material. Different surface finishes like etching, brushing, bead blasting and anodising give aluminium premium look as well as better wear and weather resistance.

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