Known brands sell products made from recycled aluminum and revert profits in natural preservation.


Smartphones, computers, electronics, accessories, etc. There's a lot of aluminium products all over the world and millions of costumers who chooses their favorite brands everyday. This initiative porpoise is to give a second life to aluminium capsules by building pieces for well-known branded products. Every earth/Product™ will be identified by it's predominant color: brown (coffee/earth). Part of the profit from each sale will be reversed in reforestation programs and distribution of drinking water to underserved populations.

What makes your product bold and innovative?

earth/Product™ is a manifesto, this is not about only one product. This is a global initiative for the preservation of natural resources.

Which target group is this product aimed at?

Costumers from all over the world. People are increasingly looking for companies with a strong sense of environmental responsibility. The greater the link between sustainability and profitability, the greater the costumer's interest in the products.

Why is secondary aluminum the perfect material for your idea?

Aluminum never loses its performance or strength during the recycling process, which makes it perfect for every kind of product in the market. There's no need to create a production chain of its own, since all the companies already have their production processes.

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