Infinit - The Iconic Toothbrush (UPDATE!)
An iconic, hygienic, long-lasting and uniquely self-standing toothbrush.


Infinit is a great premium toothbrush that shows its difference at the first sight using the aluminum material on its body. It may seem like an artistic product, however it has a clever functionality which makes the product more hygienic and long lasting. The aluminum part uses the weeble principle which keeps the head of the brush from touching the surface. The plastic parts can be changeable with the new one when its time is off. Instead of throwing all the product, Infinit reduces the waste with the plastic parts as well as it reduces production costs. The durable and sleek aluminum body stays forever with the user, which makes the product a real sustainable and eco design. The owners of the product will feel the simplicity, power and elegance of the material and design at least twice in a day. This is a product that has a wow effect and a potential of spreading by word of mouth. I think, the project catches all the words under tonality : functional, sustainable, bold - simple innovative - progressive, attractive - useful.

What makes your product bold and innovative?

Using aluminum material in toothbrushes will be a new experience. The combination of changeable plastic parts and the long lasting aluminum body is an innovative approach both helping users and manufacturers. The user will get a sleek, more hygienic and unique product that will be proud to have while manufacturers will reduce costs and offer more options to the user. The functional design gives the aluminum an infinite second life while reducing the waste of plastic parts.

Which target group is this product aimed at?

Everyone who wants to feel special and environmentally conscious. We can eliminate the children/kids from the target group as the product has a serious/exclusive image.

Why is secondary aluminum the perfect material for your idea?

The durability, the long-lasting feature , the feel of the material, sleek/premium look, being lightweight andthe combination with the plastic.

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