Recycle Wheel
Recycle Wheel is multifunctional garbage can with possibility of primary recycling.


Recycle Wheel allows easy maintenance of the household with the possibility of primary recycling of waste and its removal. This product sits with several parts, which makes it practical, while its wheels give great mobility in the household. And as all parts (the broom and the trash bin) are plugged into one product, this allows for easy storage.

The recycle wheel consists of two main parts: the lower part used for collecting the garbage from the lower surfaces and the upper part serving as the regular bin for the garbage. Recycle wheel has in it an implemented broom on the rear end hooked on two hooks. The recycle wheel has the option of inserting the garbage from the front into the dung which is pulled out in the form of a drawer. The recycle wheel cover can be rotated to open the bin, and it can also be easily removed. This product has stend legs which gives stability and wheels on the rear end that gives mobility and portability.

The recycle wheel can be in different colors, according to the taste of each customer and user.

What makes your product bold and innovative?

Innovation can be seen in its compactness of trash bin together with bucket on wheels give it good mobility and compactness, and what is more important is easy to use and storage, also a bucket on wheels allows easy removal of waste from home.

Functional, compact, flexible, simple, easy to manufacture, durable and sustainable.

Which target group is this product aimed at?

This product is intended for young people as well as middle-aged people who have high awareness of the use of renewable materials (such as aluminum) for the purpose of producing such products. In addition, it gives the longevity of such a product as well as recycling.

Why is secondary aluminum the perfect material for your idea?

Secondary aluminum is excellent for this product because it gives it a lifetime, which is needed for proper waste management in the household.

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