Sustainable indoor use lamp with energy solar panel integrated.


The ANGEL lamp is installed near the windows, has a panel with two faces, the first has a screen with solar panel cells and the second side has a line of energy-saving LED light bulbs. The lamp is operated by the user with remote control or an application installed on the cell phone, it can also be programmed to turn on automatically at a time determined by the user.

What makes your product bold and innovative?

The ANGEL lamp allows for a small investment, have a reliable lighting system available at night time, without the need to install expensive electrical networks and large batteries.

Which target group is this product aimed at?

It is aimed at consumers between 25 and 40 years, with moderate economic resources.

Why is secondary aluminum the perfect material for your idea?

Structurally it is suitable for the geometry of the design, besides it is light what allows the installation without damaging the electrical points by weight overload.

Did you use any stock or third party material? If so, please link all stock, fonts and Creative Commons material here:

yes: picture: font: vrinda - regular