Open the loop of recycling Aluminium through the social gesture of gifting a bottle opener.


Loop is about encouraging users to use and reuse recycled products through the idea of gifting one another in a social context. Recycled products do not have to be apologetic. On the other hand the material properties of Aluminium of being sturdy, strong and lightweight could be re utilized into gifting simple analog products. Hence the name "Loop" as it is all about opening the loop of recycling through social gifting. The bottle opener comes with an eye-catchy silhouette which defies the norms of the current bottle openers. This change in architecture of the bottle opener could strike conversations of how he or she received the bottle opener. Thus spreading the message of the recycled Aluminium usage. Loop also uses recycled materials such as cardboard and aluminium for its packaging also. All these ingredients combined with a premium presentation in the packaging caters for a sophisticated unpacking experience.

What makes your product bold and innovative?

The striking change in architecture results in a stunning polished aluminium bottle opener which goes along with aluminium caps used in beer bottles. By using a material which is light but strong Loop provides a cheerful companion to the social events filled with party drinks. The hook on the other end serves as a hanging detail on a fridge magnet or a suction cup.

Which target group is this product aimed at?

The target is anyone who pops opens drink. Thereby spreading the message of recycling as wide as possible.

Why is secondary aluminum the perfect material for your idea?

Secondary aluminium is a great reminder for the users of how all the waste material could be recycled to create desirable products. The Aluminium used in the bottle opener is a reminder to the user that a lot of the waste material in parties can also be recycled to open new loops of recycling

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