Bracelet Memory Stick
A memory stick that is carried as a bold looking, stylish bracelet on users wrist.


Have you ever forgotten your USB memory stick somewhere? Our life routine is full of products that we actually carry with us just because we have to. If we carry something without bounding mentally, it only comes to mind when we need it. It begins to weigh us down. If we bring value to an everyday object like usb memory stick and make it a part of the customers look, complete their appearence and even life style with it. In conclusion attract them to use it. It gives up being a weigh down object and become a desirable detail in their life. This concept aims to achive that goal by giving life to the USB memory function in the form of an iconic & attractive bracelett and hit the market of professional lifestyle and designed object addicts. The bracelet consists of two ends and a metal band (like watch bands) that holds together these two ends. While one end is functioned as USB memory stick the other end is the cap of the socket. When we place the cap the bracelet completes itself and regain its shape.

What makes your product bold and innovative?

Designing a USB memory stick that can be carried as a bracelet, is a bold way to carry it. Instead of hiding in your pocket, the design will attract you to make it a part of your apparel.

Which target group is this product aimed at?

Business man & business woman, people who has professional lifestyle, designed object addicts.

Why is secondary aluminum the perfect material for your idea?

Thanks to the secondary aluminium as the product gains an exclusive & elegant look it also remains cheap to be feasible as a USB stick.

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