Holo Pen
Holo pen is a full aluminium body with laser cut holes which allows for clarity of ink level.


Holo pen uses raw aluminium for its construction. Raw aluminium also ensures the pen stays honest as it undergoes scratches,wear and tear over time. This raw aluminium is treated with utmost care and detail to reflect the craftsmanship which the pen offers in both digital and analog writing experiences. Treating every edge with a contrasting pristine polished chamfer gives the pen a character to its humble ends.

What makes your product bold and innovative?

Holo pen looks at a new twist for the pen archetype by allowing users to read the ink level through the body itself. By cutting through the extruded Aluminium body the pen also sheds weight for a great writing experience with its aluminium nib. Each cap end is magnetised so as to close caps with ease. At the other end is a digital stylus for tablet note taking. All the chamfers are of same dimension so as to ensure the usage of the same tool for chamfers.

Which target group is this product aimed at?

Millennials and GenX like to express themselves in a unique way. They yearn for sustainable products but not compromising on quality or results. Similar to Tesla, being eco-friendly or sustainable does not mean it has to be apologetic in any manner. Combining these aspects and adding more contextual functionality is the space for Holo pen .

Why is secondary aluminum the perfect material for your idea?

Secondary Aluminium throws a circular economy friendly approach onto a highly desirable pen saying premium products can be born out of recycled elements too.

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