DEW - Water Harvester
A sustainable way to collect water from air. Just freeze your DEW, plant it and let it breed life!


Dew is a water harvester leaf made of an aluminum body with ice gel inside that uses Aluminum’s heat transfer properties to condense water from the air on its surface and pours it into the soil to aid watering our indoor small plants. Put it inside the freezer so it lowers down its temperature and then take it out. As it’s colder than the ambient temperature, water in the air starts condensing on its surface and then slides down and into the soil.

Taking care of our plants consumes an important amount of drinkable water in most cases. By implementing biomimicry inspired in the Namib Beetle, it has little rigs on its surface that help collect the water and generate big drops that can finally irrigate the plant without needing any added amount of water, making DEW efficient and sustainable. Also by blending this natural technology with Second-life aluminum, an artificial material, it helps to breed life!

Home gardening and environmental awareness have gain major relevance within our daily lives, that’s why when you take your Dew out the freezer you “plant” the leaf in the soil, recreating the action of planting as a symbolic reminder of the importance of your actions in taking care of the environment .

In addition, the task of watering the plants has been almost the same for ages, but with this enhanced experience you’re not only being more conscious but modern and elegant!

What makes your product bold and innovative?

DEW simulates nature using natural technologies found in the Namib Beetle to generate water by condensation making it sustainable and cohesive with the second-life of the aluminum. With nature-inspired geometries it not only is more efficient but elegant and modern, in addition of changing the interaction between people and their plants nowadays enhancing the whole experience.

Which target group is this product aimed at?

Young people who love to grow their own plants at home. Sustainability, care for the environment and alternative ways of doing things already play an important roll in their daily lives. They believe that there are natural ways of achieving every task, that's why they value solutions which propose more conscious ways of interacting with the world.

Why is secondary aluminum the perfect material for your idea?

Secondary aluminum has heat transfer properties that help DEW be colder than its surroundings, achieving condensation. It also allows different processing methods that let DEW's design be bold, elegant and sinuous. Aluminum finishes are intrinsically stylish, taking this idea to a new level of sophistication that blends perfectly with natural environments. Being a recycled material makes it a sustainable experience from start to finish.

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