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What is jovoto and how can I participate?

jovoto is the creative workspace of the future; An open innovation platform where creatives, designers and innovators work together to solve design challenges for top global brands. 

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Nespresso redefined the coffee market with a simple but revolutionary idea 30 years ago: Nespresso’s aspiration was to enable anyone to create the perfect cup of espresso coffee. Ever since, the company has been committed to sustainable quality and innovative design. Nespresso is aware of its corporate social responsibility along the entire coffee value chain, starting with coffee sourcing all the way to recycling their capsules.

Nespresso chose aluminum for its capsules, because it is the best available material to protect the aromas of the quality coffees from oxygen, light and humidity. Another key advantage: aluminum is infinitely recyclable. Therefore the company’s goal is for people to regularly recycle aluminum – including Nespresso’s capsules.

In order to achieve this goal Nespresso wants to raise awareness that aluminum is extremely valuable, infinitely recyclable and that the resulting ‘secondary aluminum’ is a versatile and sought-after material. Unique design and functionality can give recycled aluminum lightweight packaging such as Nespresso capsules a second life.

What’s the task?

Design a bold and innovative product made of secondary aluminum to make everyday life easier and more attractive. Nespresso wants you to give aluminum in general, and Nespresso capsules in particular, a second life!

Nespresso Second Life from jovoto on Vimeo.

What’s in it for me?

  • Connect with a creative and innovative global crowd.
  • Your ideas will be presented to and reviewed by Nespresso and its agency.
  • You could win one of 25 cash prizes from the total prize pool of €17,500.
    • 3x half-time awards worth €250 will be awarded to the creatives who submit the best idea before the Halftime Feedback on June 26th.
    • Next to the prize of €2,500 (incl. license), the client will select a shortlist of 10 top designs that will be awarded with €1000 each.   
    • Additionally, there will be a community prize pool for the 5 highest rated designs.
  • And last but not least: Nespresso intends to produce a prototype of the winning product design.

Awarded ideas

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