Smeet and friends


Smeet and friends.
A series of adventures and 'small talk' betweenSmeet and other disabled 'friends' like facebook, twitter� 
Story 2:let's say 'FB' is having problems finding a girlfriend because he has 'no body', Smeet helps him out and is showing his muscular body to the girl. At the end the girl is leaving with Smeet of course� FB: "let's talk about it."
Story 3:
Smeet and FB are construction workers. They have to break down a huge wall. Smeet is using his body and looks at FB. Smeet: "what about a little help here?" FB: i can only wright on a wall� The boss fires FB

Story 4:
Smeet and FB are entering a dance contest. 
Smeet to FB: don't just talk the talk, walk the walk�FB to smeet: i wanna go home

Maybe more stories soon�

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