Mark the Bench

Sparda-Bank Baden-Württemberg wants you to create a bench as the key visual for their new campaign.

€13,000prize pool

Sparda-Bank Baden-Württemberg wants you to create a bench as the key visual for their new campaign.


The Sparda-Bank

The Sparda-Bank Baden-Württemberg is a retail bank serving over 700’000 private customers in and around the city of Stuttgart. It is part of the Sparda-Bank Association, a federation with 12 independent bank institutes across Germany. Founded in 1896 and organized in a cooperative model one of their most important assets is the closeness to their regional customers.

Bank = bench
In German, the word for both “bank” and a “bench” (as in the seat, like a “park bench”) is “Bank”. Building on this wordplay, the Sparda-Bank wants to roll out a campaign that has a bench as its central key visual. This bench should be used as:

a) a campaign key visual in all advertising and product information materials (like ads, product flyers, online banners etc.)
b) a physical piece of furniture, for example in the counter area of the bank or at events


The Sparda-Bank wants to create a bench as a key visual for their campaign that represents their core assets:

  • Stability and security: The bank was founded in 1896
  • Professionalism: The bank serves more than 700,000 private customers
  • Closeness: The bank has a very personal and individual relationship with its customers
  • Cooperative: The bank is organized as a cooperative model, making the customers literally members and owners of their bank
  • Regionality: The bank plays a significant role in the region

The bench should symbolize a place where people can communicate and exchange thoughts and information in a personal, friendly and relaxed way.

Task Definition

Create a bench (or “Bank” in German) that stands for the Sparda-Bank and its services. The Sparda-Bench will serve two purposes:

1. Key visual for the Sparda-Bank campaign
To be a strong key visual for the Sparda-Bank campaign, the Sparda-Bench must:

  • have an eye-catching appearance
  • incorporate the Sparda-Bank corporate colors: blue (HKS 44 / RAL 5047) and orange (HKS 8 / RAL 2004)

2. Real 3D seating

As the Sparda-Bank plans to build a number of real 3D Sparda-Bank benches, your design must fulfill certain criteria in order to be chosen as a winner by the jury:

  • Your bench must be feasible and reproducible at a reasonable cost – for preferably no more than €1000 per unit
  • It must be stable and provide comfortable seating for at least two adults
  • The Sparda-Bench must be transportable and ideally weatherproof in all weathers

Show that your bench design works both as a campaign visual and as an eye-catching piece of furniture by visualizing it in the two situations provided in the template. You can find the template in "Your Project Kit".

Target Group

Sparda-Bank wants its customers to love the new Sparda-Bench as the key visual in the Sparda-Bank campaign, as well as using the bench as a seating option at their Sparda-Bank branches or at events.

The Sparda-Bank customers who will come into contact with the Sparda-Bench are:

  • Men and women of all ages (from young adults to the elderly) who use all kinds of bank services, such as a current accounts or loans for their house or car
  • Even children may already have a Sparda-Bank account opened by their grandparents or godparents, or accompany their parents to the bank, where they have their first - and lasting - impression of the Sparda-Bank

Mandatory requirements

  • Your Sparda-Bench must only be a seating bench to reflect the German word play “Bank = bench”. It should not be a couch, a lounge chair, a deck chair or any other kind of furniture.
  • Incorporate the Sparda-Bank corporate colors: blue (HKS 44 / RAL 5047) and orange (HKS 8 / RAL 2004).
  • There is no guideline as to whether you depict the content with photographic or purely graphic elements. But in both cases you should only use images and fonts:
    • for which you own the full copyright
    • for which the rights can, if required, be passed on to the client. If 2. applies, please clearly highlight the third-party image material.

Required File Format

  • You can participate in this open Crowdstorm with submissions in any artistic style you like: from a sketch to photos, mockups or  fully rendered 3D visuals.
  • However, to be able to win the jury prize and to have your idea turned into a reality, the presentation of your Sparda-Bench must make clear:
    • how the bench will be built
    • what materials are necessary to build it
    • how production costs can be kept within a reasonable range

Useful Links

Legal Overview

Here is a brief overview of what is particularly important to be aware of:

1. When entering an idea for a project, jovoto as well as the client, may display, share and print it for evaluation or presentational purposes.

2. There is a three month exclusivity period:

  • in which you may publish and share your idea on other websites or social media and ensure it is clearly labelled as a submission created on jovoto.
  • after which you may offer your submission to others and publicly display it.

3. Please ensure that you have noted any and all third party material you used - including the source where it can be found.

4. When uploading an idea you agree to jovoto's general terms of use as well as the specific project terms (see under the brief).

5. The project terms clarify rights for your upload as well as the details that go into effect if and when you are informed that someone wishes to license your design.

6. Please carefully check and review your submission and the attachments before uploading them - they can only be deleted within 24 hours.

Download material

Click on the following links to download working material and additional information related to the project.

Project terms

For this project, special  project terms  apply.

Halftime Feedback

Dear creatives!

Thank you for so many submissions! This was a great start for this project. The client and we are very happy with the variety and depth your submissions show.

Below is some overall feedback for all the submitted projects and of course I will consider the results in my future comments.

The concepts we’ve seen so far show a very broad range of ideas that reach from straight-forward-simply-beautiful benches without backrest or decoration to eye-catching sitting objects. There are very clear, ready for production constructions and visionary designs. We can find benches that are reduced and archetypical, and some that really take it to the limit (in a good way). The jury is thrilled and exited about the creativity you displayed and the unique, surprising and unconventional solutions that were submitted.

To make the design work for Sparda-Bank and Sparda’s future campaign, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind:

The bench must clearly be recognizable as a bench.

The product will be used for an advertisement campaign where it will be taken out of context. It therefore has to be identifiable as a bench by its overall appearance, not just the function it is providing. 

Create a backrest.

According to the previous topic, this works best if your design has a backrest. There are beautiful designs without a backrest, that the jury took into consideration. Nonetheless it became clear, that the backrest is better for communication and the appearance of a bench.

Go easy on the logo.

Your design should include the corporate colors of Sparda-Bank (orange, blue), it is not necessary to put a huge logo on your design or to build your design on the logo.

Feasibility and usage.

The jury had discussions about the producibility and feasibility of the concepts. Please think about the use of your product, too. It will not only be situated in an indoor and public lobby, but also outside for events. If this is a successful concept maybe even permanently.


Despite all restrictions and the goal to create a bench that get's as close to a "normal" bench as possible, Sparda-Bank is looking for uniqueness, something one would not find anywhere else.

This challenge really is a balancing act between creating something new and surprising, and at the same time super practical and traditional. I think you are on a good way!

I am very exited and curious how this will develop. I wish you all a nice New Year's Eve and a great start in 2017.

All the Best, Philipp


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Hello everyone and welcome to this exciting crowdstorm of developing an all product designers’ favorite object: a seating bench.

My name is Philipp, I am a product designer and have been working in the field of design and prototyping for many years (you can find some of my work here). The focus of my work lies in the process from creating visionary ideas right up to production. As a freelancer I’ve worked in the field from realizing big scaled unique art pieces to small give-aways that are produced by the thousands. As your creative guide I am happy to share my experience in furniture making and product design with you.

„Mark the Bench“ is challenging task for which we ask you to design a seating-bench for Sparda-Bank that works as an iconic image for their advertisement campaign as well as a real piece of furniture for Sparda-Bank customers.

Designing a bench is always a great exercise as it is one of the most basic pieces of furniture subjected to requirements such as ergonomics or feasibility. But restrictions bring out the best of creativity!

In my experience it is a good start to look at the briefing and begin developing your ideas one topic at a time and incorporate the others step by step. In each restriction already lies a new approach. I am confident you will come up with many great concepts!

Please show us your vision of a Sparda-Bank by implementing it in the templates for a advertisement campaign and the lobby. Also give us a description of how you think it can be produced and at what costs.

Remember, I am here for you to answer your questions, give you advice and doing my best to help you developing a great solution. Together we will create some outstanding pieces that add real value to the Sparda-Bank lobbies.

I am looking forward to your see ideas and working with you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

All the best, Philipp

Well you are welcome in this crazy but beautiful world of Jovoto =))) and you have nice designs too, congrats =))))

Hey Philipp,

We're happy to have you onboard, it's very exciting to work with someone from our community! Welcome :) Looking forward to see how you share your skills and tips from being a Berlin-based product designer in this exciting project!

Best Jess

Hey Jess! Thank you for the quick introduction! Well, I am very happy to be here ;)

Best, P

Hi, Philipp. Did the bank have a range of dimensions that it prefers? Or number of people it feels the bench should comfortably seat? Or is the plan to use it as a symbol, and not so much as a seat? Thanks.

Hi Sarkar! Yes, as it says in the briefing: think about at least two people that are able to sit comfortably next to each other. Otherwise, as long as it's transportable, we don't want to limit possibilities! And they really want to use it as a piece of furniture which they can place it in the lobbies of their branches or possibly on events. So think about durability and weight, too.

Does that help?

it is really cool to see you here. what tonality? max. weight for transport? should the design be unique if the bench is reproducible?

Hi Unlime, it's good too see you're considering taking part. The goal is to create an "iconic" bench for Sparda-Bank, that works as a real bench and in an advertisment campaign. Try to incorporate the core assets of Sparda-Bank (Stability and security, Professionalism, Closeness, Cooperative, Regionality) and make it memorable and stand out. The design could be unique and the bench reprducible. However, we want to hear your idea of how it will be made, too. So if you have a great concept that makes every bench unique in way, but combines all of them through recurring elements, and this can be done with reasonable costs, tell us about it. It sounds like a goot shot too me. Concerning the weight: We didn't set a limit there. It is maybe best to think about it in context to your concept. If it is still convincing even though your bench is really heavy, then we're good. If your design would be feasible in a lighter version, use the lighter version.


Hi Philip! Cool Project! Brainstorming already. Do we have to use the submission template? A must or only if we want to? Thx!

Hi Tigersan! Nice that you like the project! So I understand we will see a lot of good submissions from you, right ; ) You can start to upload your concept in any artistic style and perspective, to get my feedback and suggestions or the one of the other jovotans. But (!) for the halftime feedback, at the latest, you need to have the submission template. It helps us and the client to compare the ideas and find the ones that fit best to the vision of Sparda-Bank. But additional pictures always are good to sell your design and present it from its best side! Looking forward to your submissions!

Hello everyone! I am quite impressed how quickly the submissions come in! Very well, keep it going!

I feel like the last question (above, from Tigersan) concerns everybody, so I will repeat my answer at this point.

The project template (with the two pictures, lobby and advertisement) is mandatory for the evaluation. That beeing said, other (additional) forms of presentation are most welcome and usefull, as they can present your design from its best perspective.

Thanks for the many submissions! Talk soon, Philipp

Hi Philipp, When is halftime feedback, or did I miss it somewhere in the brief?

Hi tcurtisart! The deadline for your submissions to be considered for the halftime feedback will be December the 28th at 2 pm. So there is plenty of time for you to bring in some nice designs. Looking forward to it! Best, Philipp

Hello creatives! It is nice to see all your concepts coming in and the width of your ideas! There are a lot of concepts I would have never thought about, and I am curious to see these even go further.

As promised I will provide you with some insights from my experience. Let's start with the development of ideas. Usually, with a complicated briefing like this, one wants to solve all the problems at once. That makes it even more difficult, because one idea would stand in the way of the other or be abandoned for another specification of the briefing and so on.

My suggestion is to take the briefing apart into its single aspects, like a functional analysis, and then develop plenty, but small ideas for every topic. This way you will get many many touching points that could work as a stand alone solution or be combined to another concept.

For example have a look at the main topic: A bench that works as a key visual for the Sparda-Bank campaign: For the campaign, the bench will have to be recognisable as such, even in a printed version out of context (not standing in a lobby) What makes a bench a bench besides the funktion of sitting on it? How can it be identified as a bench? What does the archetype of a bench look like? Does it have a backrest? a armrest? Does it have single seats or one long seating surface? Is it upholstered or solid? What is a bench made of? What additional features could a bench have, but still be recognised as a bench?

You can probably tell where I am going with this. Behind each question already lie a couple of concepts. How much of the appearance of a "standard" bench can you change, but it would still be a bench? Two examples that illustrate what I mean, have a look at the work of

Jeppe Hein - Benches Nendo - Chair Garden

The benches by Jeppe Hein are very far away of beeing benches. Still they absolutely can be identified as such, why? The Chair Garden of Nendo shows, what happens if you play with the features. A stool grows a beckrest - it becomes a chair, if you double the seat - it becomes a bench....

I hope this is inspiring! Keep up the good work!

Best, Philipp

Thanks Philipp. When developing an idea or concept, the more information you get is always helpful. Thanks for the info!

Hi everybody!

It is nice to see all the ideas and different directions you take. There is a great variety and I am exited to see what other ideas you will come up with.

I like to see the projects on jovoto not only as a way to earn cash prizes, but also as a great opportunity to build a portfolio work on ones skills and develop new ones.

That's why I put together and uploaded a "Tips & Basics" slide to the download material, showing some ways to present your concepts. You can find it here It contains some simple and basic ways to present your concepts. The idea behind it is to keep your audience in mind. Your client does not know what you were thinking or what your inspiration was. I remember many times when I've sent out a design to a client forgetting at least one the mentioned aspects... You can understand it as a checklist that helps you to mention every piece that might be important for your audience.

Personally I really like the moodboard part. It is such a simple tool that can be used in many stages of a project. The good thing about it is, that it transports a lot of "soft" information, like the look and feel, which hardly can communicate with drawing or words. Even though you don't have a design yet it already gives a good impression of what the end product will look like. I think this could help especially when trying to work out a nice colour/material mix with the orange and blue of Sparda-Bank.

I've seen many of you are using all of these tools already. And that's another good way to use jovoto to improve your skills: check out the other presentations. This is positive competition. You can learn a lot from your co-creatives! There are some real pros amongst you! Have a look at how they are presenting their ideas.

  • What information are they providing? What information is neccesary to understand the concept, what is too much?
  • Do they show perfect 3D modelling? Or would a simple sketch or grafic do the trick?

I hope you find this usefull. And remember, for any questions I am here for you, just text me.

Best, P

BTW the bench I used for the visualisations is by Enzo Mari and the concept is called "autoprogettazione", which means something like self-construction. It is like an early HarzIV möbel. He's one of my favourite designers, you should look him up.

Another thing: Halftime Feedback Deadline is on Tuesday 28th 2pm, so plenty of time to make nice presentations. And remember the Tips&Basics are tips and basics, the project template is mandatory ;)


sorry, but i can't find hashtags for this project...

Hi Eugene! what do you mean with hashtags?

Dear Creatives!

the week is coming to an end and tomorrow not only weekend, but christmas! Yay! To those who celebrate, I wish you a many quality presents ; ) And of course a great time with your family&friends.

And to everybody all the best, Philipp

Hi Philipp, Great message. I've been thinking a lot about all the friends and family of the Jovoto community in Berlin, and wishing and hoping that the recent events didn't touch their life. So sad...It's hard to think of the right words. So to all...Keep living your life, be happy, and be safe. Happy Holidays to all!

Meant to say...recent events didn't touch their lives. I hate it when that happens! Also Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year my friends! :]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to everybody, enjoy your time with your family / your beloved ones :)

Oh Oh OOhhh... Merry Christmas to all!!

merry christmas and a happy new year to all!!

Philipp, can you please clarify submission requirements for halftime? In the package there is a template that is half 2d ad (with placeholder text) and half an image of a bank lobby. Is this the only image that is mandatory? Can the halves be submitted separately or do they have to be in the same document? Are we supposed to replace the placeholder text with something relevant to our design? Thanks!

Hi svpribyl, yes, only the slide with two pics on it is mandatory. Left-advertisement, right bank-lobby, it should stay as one page. Bringing the designs down to one template helps us and the client to compare the ideas (and there are many!).

how you get your design into that picture - doesn't matter. Can be a high end animation like many do, a sketch or you can even take a photo of a paper model.

The placeholder text can stay as it is, but if you want you can add some words that improve your presentation.

Best, P

I've just learned about Jovoto and this project. I'd love to submit my proposal but I'm not quite sure I can finish it till the 28th. Is the halftime feedback mandatory or how does it work?

Hi sjirka! the halftime feedback is not mandatory. But you can start with your project using some "easy" visualizations like sketches and develop your ideas further bit by bit, instead of uploading a finished concept. This way you might be quicker than the 28th?

Best, P

Merry Christmas everybody and a Happy Creative New Year!!

Great thoughts for you all and best wishes! Free your mind and create your desired year!

I would suggest to all friends and colleagues that this is not a RENDER CONTEST, for those who create the most beautiful little drawing with 3D Studio, Maya or anything else. This is a FURNITURE DESIGN CONTEST, so you have to assess the FEASIBILITY, ORIGINALITY, the customer demand for STABILITY, EYE-CATCHING APPEARANCE, CLOSENESS, CO-OPERATIVES. Being an architect and seeing these things very often I realize that we are here to a little child level where only the little good drawing wins a candy from the teacher . Evaluated the design in a deep and consistent manner, please, and stop with "wow super render! 10!" peace & love

Honestly i do not see any meaning where they need this community voting here. It is not very professional way to choose any winners. People vote persons, friends, rendering skills etc. Most of the voters have not any knowledge about structures, interior design, architecture etc. Group of few people seems to win most of the contest here, no matter of category of the contest ;) peace and <3

Hi Creatives!

We do our best to keep the voting fair. You are right on that: The community might vote for a project differently than the expert or jury, and that is the reason why we have a community prize, to give more power to the creatives.

We also know how important it is for our community that the rating process is fair, if it's not, we will lose great creatives like you.

We do do our best to keep the voting fair and are improving our methods every day, if you're interested you can find more about the process here

I hope that helps to eliminate a few of your doubts and makes clear why we have the community prizes.

Cheers, Philipp

Hi philipp, I can not argue about taste but it makes no sense that your winners are always same few members. Unfortunately I lost my interest up to now. I wish you could delete both of my projects in contest. It is not very motivating to see rates 5+. It is just offensive :( best, JP

A little hard comment of Thommaso Ballatore, but he is right ...

Virtually everything is up and everything seems doable, but in reality things are not so simple ... Do not forget that even if it is "simple" bench, people there have to be seated! And it must be possible to construct the object.

One can not however, prevent anyone propose their own idea, rather the problem is in the ratings...

Dear creatives! Good renderings and 3D visualisations are indeed nice to look at, and they increase your chance to "sell" your design, the community or the client... But ! As Tommaso and Mario have mentioned, there is a little more to create a simple bench than just a good rendering. To to be able to win the jury prize and to have your idea turned into a reality one must be able to turn it into reality. The jury is having a very close look on your ideas and how it fits to the idea of Sparda-Bank, the quality of renderings is not taken into account. It really is about the idea and feasability. As usual, you can submit your projects in any artistic style, but keep in mind how it will be made and used, this is the challenge.

I hope this helps, I see many good submissions so far, keep it up!

Best, Philipp

Suffice to say, it is pointless to ask those who are capable of quality render output to dumb themselves down for those who can't - any architect and|or designer worth their salt would have noticed the direct effect a quality presentation has over the last decade or so. Just ask the starchitects and their army of CAD monkeys.

If one's approach to design appreciation is fanboyism, then obviously this would be an issue, but if the rhetoric is started by the statement that as an architect and|or designer we shouldn't be swayed by fancy visuals, isn't that oxymoronic when the given is that we are architects and|designers who won't be swayed in the first place?

So who is the criticism addressed to - the judges?

It's more a reflection of inadequacy to ask people to do things with their own designs, and a little presumptuous to think the actual judges and stakeholders are that naive.

Even if they are, it's their money, not yours or mine - again, even multi-million environments built by starchitects have flaws after the fact and past the approval of teams of engineers.

Design for the sake of design and focus on one's entry to ensure it is the best design possible to oneself. All the best.

Hello people. Can anybody tell me what do the icons and nombers under my ideas mean? The star and the other one, I mean. Thanx

1st icon - comments number 2nd icon - your ranking 3rd icon - your average rate

Thanx. The higher the nomber the best rating and ranking is?

Dear creatives!

Your Halftime Feedback has arrived! Please have a look in the briefing section, where we added it.

It is also time to announce the Halftime Feedback Award Winners:

Unlime with Vibe - Especially the color effect through the inside-outside effect convinced the jury. They are sure that this would create a unique object, suitable for their plans to use it in campaigns and as a real product.

Polygon with S-Type - It is an interesting concept clearly recognizable as a bench yet very unique, interesting and beautiful.

Congratulations! I will give you more detailed feedback in the comments on your projects.

All the Best, Philipp

Dear Philip, I'm speachless because both idea have not upload the template, as said it was mandatory.... And the idea S-tipe have answer NO question. The briefing said: "However, to be able to win the jury prize and to have your idea turned into a reality, the presentation of your Sparda-Bench must make clear: how the bench will be built what materials are necessary to build it how production costs can be kept within a reasonable range". I know its the halftime, but I think, In my opinion is a not professional selection. I'm sorry but I came out of the contest. Alle the best Tommaso

I agree with Tommaso. Such a blatant disregard for the very rules that you set up is unconscionable. You could have commended Vibe and S-Type for their efforts and recognized them as potentially standout designs and given the half-time awards to creatives that actually complied with your rules. I say "potentially" because Polygon did not even spend the time to answer the questions that are required for submittal. I spent the good part of a day getting my submissions into your "required" templates. I have entered a number of projects on Jovota and I am used to community ratings that seem to be based on friendship and pure visual appeal, but I was counting on you and the jury to follow your own guidelines.

I have to agree with the comments above that this jury choice isn't really comprehensible . In both submissions i can hardly find the core assets Sparda-Bank has mentioned in the briefing beside the use of both colors. Stability? S-Type seams to fly in space. There is just one rendering from the top perspective. No further views that can give an idea of how this would become a stable bench. Vibe - at the moment - are a lot of pieces that as far as i can see are not connected at all. The look of this concept will clearly change if connecting structure will be added. Closeness? With its curved seating Vibe creates different levels what i wouldn't call communication at one eye level. Not something that i would communicate if i would be the bank.

But hey, it's just a briefing and banks are a save place to take care of our money. ;)

Dear creatives,

yes, the project template is, as always, compulsory, so are the answers. You should decide yourself, when voting, how missing templates or answers will affect your rating. The same thing goes for the quality and depth of presentation, rendering or if the idea fits the briefing.

That beeing said, the jury can see all your entries, no matter how well executed. And for them, the decision was a very clear one. By choosing these two designs they wanted to show what a Sparda-Bank Jury winner would have to look like.

The designs of the two halftime winners give a very good impression of what is prefered by the jury, and I believe show a clear direction. Which is an important insight for the remaining time of the challenge and the comments.

All the best, Philipp

With all due respect for the winners, I agree with my colleagues above. I don't have nothing against their ideas, in fact they look promising and well done. But in my opinion, ideas, which win half-time award (any award!), SHOULD correspond to the briefing. Else, it creates bad precedent and bad work atmosphere, because some people try to cover all the mandatory requirements, lose time and efforts to fill out templates, think of brief pain points, etc. and then you see a winner - other idea which doesn't fill all requirements. It is bad, really. It happened before in Coca-Cola, it happened before in other projects as well and I believe this practise should stop right now, because otherwise why take care to cover everything the brief asked from us? An easy solution will be to announce that the clients (or jovoto? ;)) are free to choose whatever they want for half-time award and relation to the brief doesn't matter for this prize. But it has to be announced beforehand, creatives should know about it. And my suggestion could only work for half-time award, not for final prizes - if we continue to choose winners who don't fit the brief, where are we going?

Well said wildyracing!

To be fair, this is the Jovoto model - I am probably one of the few that's been here since 2011, and I can say this has been the same problem since then. I only posted again now because a survey showed up on my email asking why I haven't been back in years and curiosity got the better of me.

So to answer the question of direction, Jovoto is going where it has always gone the last five to six years.

That said, this is not dissimilar to most commissions in the world, which is why my inputs have been about designing what fits you as the designer, finding your portfolio as opposed to designing to win per se.

What's different is that Jovoto has always claimed to have a community and to listen to them, which is patronising when examples like these still show up. Personally, nothing is worse to me as a designer than have a commissioning party try to talk and act your friend after screwing you over, which is why I'd rather designers here stop being arrogant and throw each other under the bus but unite their so-called voices against the so-called system.

If that is what you actually want - years of seeing the same motions, comments, rhetoric and eventual empty resolve compels me to try and save you time.

Figure it out, but stop being childish and assume that screaming and kicking is going to win this for you - either you want your voice to be heard or you want to win.

Choose, be realistic and all the best.


For sure the jury is free to choose the favorite ideas. That is the job of a jury. ;) What bothers me and other creatives is the fact that the decision - from our perspective - does not correspond with the briefing. So the only "inside" i can see is, that the client/the jury/jovoto is not willing to follow the own guidlines. It's just a fact and now that we all know that, everyone can decide if he or she will continue working under conditions like that.

Great argument voto!

Hello everyone,

The Halftime Award is about getting your ideas out there early to be able to gather as much feedback from the client as possible. Ideas submitted before halftime do not have to be finished ideas but should show a direction of where you want to go. Then with the feedback from the client, you can develop it further and finish it before the end of the project.

What I can take away from this discussion though, is that we will be more clear about what is mandatory, and when an idea should be considered complete in the future.

Hope you're having a great start into 2017 and all the best, Jess

Hi Jess,

a great 2017 for you too.

I think the discussion was not about finshed or unfinished. That was another contest ;) In this case, the question is, why do you create extensive briefings with lots of guidlines and details, if at the end most of these things don't play a role when it comes to decisions? My proposal for a briefing for this contest:

Create an extraordinary looking and at the same time comfortable and stable bench for at least 2 persons that can be used inside a bank and for outdoor promotion activity as well. Use the two corporate colors from Sparda Bank. The maximum production cost is about 1000 €.

Short, easy and not missleading. So in addition to the "finished/unfinished" discussion, you can maybe shorten the briefings. To much "blabla" makes no sense.

The only thing that I think it's need to be done is to BOLD in the future in this kind of contest/crowdstormings (because this is a very specific one) that

For Half-time awards, you don't need to fulfill all the mandatory facts, just focus on your idea and your concept which only needs to be somehow realistic and feasible, don't overthink. Post more ideas and concepts. Don't focus on templates or overdetailing.

After the Jovoto community will identify the right concepts and ideas, then you can get your good concepts to the next level: exact dimensions, right design and structure, final materials, colours etc.

Because what I think it's most important is that what Jovoto is looking for, are the best ideas not the right winners.

Have a great inspiration and a clear mind! And of course, have fun!

I don't care about halftime awards. What i care about are fair working conditions for everyone here. And if the community would really be able to identify good concepts and great ideas and not just well executed renderings and illustrations i would be very happy.

over 3 years ago

I hope all winners have created a backrest as the brief says! In other case the brief has no matter! ;)

Giant Congratulations to the half-time winners. Great bold ideas!!! The jury showed that they are looking for something really creative and new. I love this way of designing... first get the brilliant, brave idea and later bring it into life. Great, great and good luck to all !!!

... and going by the book rarely gets you to innovative ends:) !!!

Yes my friend, you' re right. I was thinking about a floating bench on electric magnet. I was silly not submitted it, maybe I've had won the competition. Develop a electromagnetic field is a secondary problem. Ahahah! ;-)

Why not Tommaso, you still have time. All the best!!!

As Tommaso said, it's not so happy to see that mandatory facts didn't matter at this phase. It would be better if it was clear said: focus on the concept and how catchy the bank can be, leave the mandatory template for the 2nd phase. In this case, people could focus on what matters at this time, instead of rushing the concept part of the idea and wasting time with lots and lots of catchy renderings (and there are a lot of ideas which did this) This being said, lets hope that we'll get some clear facts next time. All the best!

Happy New 2017 Year! Cheers my dear friends! :]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

Still 6 hours waiting ;) Happy New year all!

I am new to "JOVOTO" i just joined two weeks now, all this complains am reading is really very discouraging. But i know one thing is very clear, am in this for the fun of it. I have learnt over the years that following the rules never pays that is why as an artist i don't always go by the rules, its just sad because i thought i would be different here. But it doesn't mean we should give up, its better to try.

All the best DABANA M.

Sometimes is time to give up cheers, JP

Happy New Year All!!

over 3 years ago

"Your bench must be feasible and reproducible at a reasonable cost – for preferably no more than €1000 per unit" I think if you want to get prize forget all guidelines ;)

Hello guys! The furniture design is new to me & there are a lot of things to learn from. I not sure about the materials used in many ideas. Can you guys teach me more?

Question 1: What is the meaning of " weather proof " materials anyway? A material that are Waterproof, Sun UV Proof, Algae/ Fungal Resistant, Termites Treated Material, Corrosion resistance & Low Maintenance? Does laminated wood, plastic & Stainless Steel match the "weather proof"?

Question 2. A lot of idea applied the corporate colors are paint. Very heavy painted or plastic? I not sure because most of it looks like a high gloss paint or car paint. What type of paint are suitable for the bench?

Hi LKK1511, I think you're very right with your questions and answers.

1) We have to assume that the bench will be situated for a longer time outdoors, for example on the side of a soccer field, in a skiing area or on a fair. Therefor "the waterproofer the better" ,) I think treated wood, various kinds or plastic, stainless steel or powdercoating are a good start. Of course some things can be adjusted but usually it is good to have in mind what you're working with when designing.

2)I know what you mean. Let's say most of them could be made with a metal frame and sheets e.g. aluminium or steel which is powdercoated according to the colour. Powdercoating you get in glossy or matt. It creates a plastic layer around the object that is coated and is a popular treatment.

Best, P

Thanks for the answers. It really help me understand better of the material & process. Most of the ideas doesn't mentioned it in their description, making people guessing a lot.

Is the template mandatory for final submission?

Dear Steve, I wouldn’t take the risk of not using the template. By using it you increase your chances (especially when there are a lot of submissions) to be seen and understood and therefore have a better chance for a win.

Best, Philipp

Guys. I take a look at every ideas and I have a suggestion, if I may. Try not to use "S" or "B" initials if you haven't seen every ideia in the project. Some of them are pretty similar. What's not a good thing, some of them looks like the same bench with different seats and backs. Take a look at every project and tink about something unique, I'm sure you'll get better results for using the initials. Don't be mad about me, I just wanna help. Also there's a lot of great projects, I'm surprised about the plurality and quality of the concepts. You all are doing a great job. Congrats ;)

Dear Creatives! We are amazed how many ideas (great ideas!!!) you contributed so far. There is a huge variety in approaches and depth in implementation. I am sure the jury will be very pleased, and you should be proud of yourselves. But don't lean back yet!

There is three more days left to upload new concepts. Although it feels like the project just started we are approximating the end of the submission period.

If you have a great idea or need to add something to your existing concept you should do it now. And of course you can always send me a message if there is a question.

Good luck, Philipp

I agree, there is so many superb entries!!!

Hi Everybody, I hope you had a great weekend! There is 5 hours left to upload new ideas or finish your concepts on this crowdstorm. Have a look at the project kit here

I see that those who put assessment, simply underestimate the assessment, not understanding the essence of the work, you need to reconsider the voting system ... now it's sad


Dear Creatives!

You earned yourself big applause for the impressive number of 319 entries!!! The submission period just came to an end and another exiting phase is going to begin.

The Rating Only Period…

Whilst the jury will pick their favorite Ideas, you have the chance to rate the submissions and choose your winners. Please remember to rate fairly and have a look at this:\_news/the-jovoto-rating-system-explained

Thank you guys for your excellent work! Best, Philipp

i counted 320

It will be a tough race !!!!!

Too much projects and many very interesting ... good luck to all ;-)

Hi Philipp, I have a question about rating. There are so many entries that completely ignored filling out the description questions, how exactly should we consider that in the rating? I feel that's half the task or more, so 5 stars right off the top, even if it is a top notch design. Is that being unreasonable? Maybe there should've been a category under the stars to rate the completion of the task as stated. You gave plenty of notice, all through the comment period you and the commenters would mention to be sure to fill out the questions, yet a lot were very sparse on details, and as I said some were left blank. This also goes for the request to show the idea in the ad and lobby setting, also an important part of the task,which many ignored. In a real business situation, one would never think of presenting to any client a half finished project, especially if certain deliverables were specifically requested. You wouldn't retain that client for long. How are the judges handling this? Do they have the option of deciding on a winning entry even, without considering if it's a complete entry? That doesn't sound like it would be very fair. Thanks for your guidance.

I am one of those who left several empty fields on some of the projects ...

The time to complete them there was, yes, maybe ... I personally have presented seven projects and I preferred to focus on the visual until the last second, thinking that a good presentation can already answer many questions.

There is also the problem of translating the answers into English, for those who are non-native speakers ...

There is the problem of giving answers to questions a bit generic, as it could be: "how did you get this idea?"

So I think the problem is, the project it is really understandable?

Or declare clearly, that without complete fields, the projects will be discarded.

The problem of what to evaluate for the allocation of votes is something else ... then everyone is free to give a lower rating because he does not see a complete field (perhaps giving the vote to a least good project because it has all complete fields)

It's the right idea if the pictures really reflected the technical side of the project, many of the no

Hi Mario, I actually thought of you when I was composing my question. Because you have so many GREAT designs and are a real top notch pro, that I get a lot of inspiration from. I was also aware that you didn't complete many of the question fields. I understand you visually explained them with blow-aparts and animation and many images. And I also agree that sometimes the questions seem irrelevant, or redundant. But it is part of the task, and mentioned throughout the comments from the guide. That's why I think there should probably be a specific category rating for that part of the assignment. I ask you, would you ever present to a client (especially a new client) a project without all the deliverables asked for, probably not. Everyone involved would put in all the long hours and weekends to make sure the project is complete for the presentation. That's what pros do in the real working world (especially important for students) Now, I realize this is not the real working world, and people are busy with real jobs and life, so it's looked at as a side hobby if they have the time. But others may take it a little more seriously, and really strive to complete everything that's asked. I often wish I didn't have to fill out all the questions, but I feel I have to, to give myself the best chance to win. I think the Jovoto powers that be really need to figure this out. I would certainly put in my vote for less questions and required templates. I'm interested and looking forward to hear what Philipp has to say regarding this. Have a Good Day! BTW- Your english skills are great! Although there are some I really struggle with to understand.

Since you have thought of me, I answer for me. I have not "taken less seriously," this task, but I had to make choices just because I do not live of projects on jovoto (to whom I am grateful for the opportunities)

One of my last render with construction details, that many have omitted, was loaded in the last two seconds of the time available. Many do not give any construction details of their projects, not criticize them or is it a choice or are not able to develop them.

Now I ask you: you learn more from a project with special design or a series of answers to general questions?

The customer here is looking for a PRODUCT, not just ideas. How it will assess the possibility of having a product and not just a "nice idea"?

Then again, I do not want to be outside the rules ... if tomorrow the rule is: no answer = no project, I'll make my choices.

One other thing: there are many good designers here on jovoto, I do not consider myself better than any of them, I just explained my choices ;-)

Hi Creatives!

I understand your concerns regarding the rating and I’ll try to give some answers and it is good, that we’re having this discussion.

First guideline for rating is: "Be sure to read and consider the creative brief"

The questions are there for two reasons: 1) to remind you what to include in your submission. If you answer the questions with your submission (uploads), then that’s great. If you upload your idea but see that those questions are still unanswered, then your idea might need some more thought.

2) To help the client quickly understand your idea. Your answers together with your uploads is what the client gets presented in the end of the project (unless they go though all ideas themselves). If you leave the answers blank, the client have to digg a bit deeper to understand your idea. But if you clearly answer the questions with your submission, maybe it’s clear anyway.

Regarding your rating in regards to having filled out all the questions. If you think the idea is answering the brief completely (even if all questions are not filled out), rate the idea based on that.

Bottom line, answering those questions helps the client, jury, and other creatives to quickly understand the idea and they are there to help the idea owner to know if they have thought about everything. So fill them out if you can. But rate ideas based on how well it answers the brief.

Enjoy the rating period! Best, Philipp

Perfect! Thank you Philipp ;-)

Me too. Plus : Wasn’t the task to create primarily an object or propose a concept for such an object according to the original briefing ! But mainly only product designs of different benches came up. I guess that’s because Jovoto and the creative community is mainly used to handle product design. Anyway the object aspect defiantly came too short, and I see not many exactly fitting the needs on the level of this really remarkable institution Sparda Bank is about community, Jovoto is about community. So there should be the option for an additional briefing and continue the process till the non plastic no fake effect clearly “Sparda Bank” is popping up, if required.

For this discussion to make sense we have to figure the categorically differences between working for advertising ( effect/ sketching) or construction and manufacturing. (exact data CAD/CAM) While sketching is very essential in advertising it is considered as waste, when it comes to lean production.

The question is what the client really wants. I guess they are not searching just a nice bench(already designed without any connection to the bank) where they can just add their logo on. If they want just "copycat" product from already invented idea why they do not just use "goole search" themselves. I think they are searching fresh ideas that would be also easy to product and especially it represents their brand well.

Fresh idea is not synonymous only with things that are made of plastic or fiber materials and looks futuristic ;)

Do not forget the cost ...

The true cost in the use of special materials, so easy to mold to the computer, is not in the single finished piece (even), but in the prototype, in the molds when necessary, in the production equipment.

The problem then becomes the number ... you need 100,000 benches? They will cost. Do you need 100? They will have a completely different cost!

Plasic is not a good choice expecially for outdoors the durability is very limited. See all the stadium seats in areas the sun is more intense, they desolve pretty fast.

first - idea, ....only after - work for engineers :)

It appears that there is a lot of hand wringing regarding the approach of designers to the problem of the bench. It is always hard for clients to know what to expect and sometimes a wild card will outshine those that meet the specifics of a brief. We take considerable time to evaluate a brief and strive to "make design invisible" and to "get out of the way". This approach often makes the work invisible or not so obvious. In this case the desire to have a weather proof, flexible and lightweight bench was augmented by modularity. In addition we added contextuality; to mark the location of each branch. In this final regard we note that we are among few in identifying this important idea. While many of the ideas look terrific everyone (ours included) require refinement and development especially, as mentioned elsewhere, in collaboration with a furniture manufacturer. Ultimately competitions are "unfair", at least to those who do not succeed, because they feel somehow their work was overshadowed by other perhaps more controversial entries. Sometimes competitions do throw up inequalities and sometimes the right result emerges. While it is not a perfect system it is better than none. One hopes that judges always take their responsibility seriously and respectful of the effort many people make. For competitors it is best not to be too disappointed and hope that in time through some luck your day will come when the work is recognized. Some say that a return of 10% on entries is a good result, even for geniuses. The antidote to disappointment is do more work, seek more rejections, fail more often, get better by degrees. Don't give up.....

Yes I agree. Participate in a contest is always a bit of a gamble, but it is also an opportunity to compare our ideas in front of a brief and different ideas of others ... anyway an opportunity for growth.

over 3 years ago

I have received almost zero feedback, only low ratings!! And you dare to name this crowd work platform. People just "buy" votes giving their "loves" and you call it professional way to choose winners ;) I could name all community winners without seeing any ot those projects. Great job!

Fisheye, if you let me your first mistake was to communications. Why combine several projects in a single upload? How do I vote only what I find most valuable and convincing?

Most of the time the result you get is that you do not vote anything ...

over 3 years ago

Dear Mario, If you have read my description there you would know which was the bench i want people vote

Excuse I may have not understood ... language problems ;-)

Usually you ask for feedback while you can still update your idea. If you post it in the last minute the feedback is useless. Also uploading all your ideas in one submission is very confusing even if you wrote in the description which one is the main idea.

over 3 years ago

@Eduard I prefer honest feedback if I get low rate.. If you do not understand something why you do not ask first and vote after you have gotten answers?

But an obligation to be fully understandable it is always right to proponents... I think ;-)

fisheye: There is a distinct possibility that when I give someone a comment on their project that mentions what appear to be shortcomings in terms of compliance with the brief (no back, not strong enough to support two people, etc), there is a high likelihood that someone could give me a low rating in retaliation. I do try to be constructive when I comment, but not all my comments are accepted as constructive and there is a tendency to take the comments personally, even by me.

I've been an architect for 35 years. Often, when someone doesn't know how to offer criticism of a project (either positive or negative), they just say they don't like it. To be able to critique a project is an art (not that I am an expert, by any means). In my view, the critique should address (1) how well the project complies with the brief, (2) how well the project accomplishes what the designer set out to do, and (3) how innovative/creative it appears. This last consideration is quite subjective, and comes into play after the first two considerations are addressed. Some projects do not appeal to my sense of aesthetics but I would still rate them high if they successfully address the first two considerations in creative and innovative ways.

I don't know of a way to solve the voting/rating issue. If comments were anonymous it would help immensely, but people can still message each other and "scratch each other's back". Competitions are inherently flawed, and this platform is no different. I concluded long ago that clients on Jovoto are not always looking for the "best" submission but are instead looking for the most popular solution, which is fine for graphic design projects, not so good for architectural projects that have functional requirements.

Apropos voting. Are their any guidelines ? I have once had advice from a sports committee. According to whish ratings will come out very low indeed. As a newcomer here , i also have this impression as mentioned by fisheye. What is a this " love bla bla", when there are not even dimensions given etc. Only sceptic critics can help to find and improve week points.

Hi, i'm also a rookie and i think that your desing with dimensions (sorry, with enough spelling errors) ist not the point if it's a convincing concept: if the idea and the design is excellent for the Bank and their advertising campaign, the dimension doesn't matter at that time of competition. Sorry to tell you that, ... so next time you try harder :)

I see that your rating is under review and you ask for fair rating. Weird.

@ Manfred . We have at least try to be precise. How can we be sure otherwise we understand each other ? If you like someones work ,why not help him out to complete it! So we can avoid such discussions.

@ Eduard It all depends on the criteria we take as a basis. Even I like some of the work, I have to be rational when I see it will not do for this purpose.

Dear friends, as most Jovoto open projects also this one brings about a lot of discussion on fair rating and going or not going along the brief. I've decided to put down a few words, I hope you will not find them complete rubbish:)

As for voting, it will be fair only if we all vote fair, I know it's truism but it's enough to honestly ask yourself if the work is good or not. No matter if the creatives voted high for you, or if you like them or not. I think you will all agree that deep inside there is always an honest answer and we always have a choice to use it or to follow our disturbing emotions into trying to alter the results by putting others down. I strongly suggest to follow the bright side because then you're no longer in stress. Look at the situation; you made your best with your submissions, you voted fair and now you can relax:) Whatever the results you are mentaly on the save side. The wisdom of the group will do the rest:)

As for sticking to the brief I think this is more individual and it should stay individual. Many great innovations came into being by breaking the guidelines. Many great inventions could only start working due to following some rules all the way. I personally love having as little rules as possible but there are people who feel safer working within very strict brief. And also we can vote accordingly with those tendencies but we should allow freedom for others. To give a small example; If I see a bench that will break when you touch it, not to mention seating on it but it has genius form and colors and with the work of constructors and with the use of modern materials like Grafen it could actually see the daylight; why not I give 10 and it's my right to do so. Others may vote differently and they are also perfectly right to do so because their focus of importance is different.

So; honest voting and freedom:)

What do you think about my senseless bubbling?:)


"Many great innovations came into being by breaking the guidelines. Many great inventions could only start working due to following some rules all the way."

I agree this but most of those innovations here seems to come from Pinterest etc. ;)

I know fisheye, but this is for the Jovoto team to fish them out, I hope:)

If I check top 100 list I would not be so sure about that ;)

szymonwit: You said "To give a small example; If I see a bench that will break when you touch it, not to mention seating on it but it has genius form and colors and with the work of constructors and with the use of modern materials like Grafen it could actually see the daylight; why not I give 10 and it's my right to do so."

I don't understand how you could give it a 10 when it does not fulfill the first requirement of the brief, which is that it is a bench that must support two people. This is not just a graphic design project. This must be functional, safe, weatherproof, etc. It is your right to vote any way you wish, but this is why the community winners often seem arbitrary and subjective, and why those of us who actually try to comply with the brief are discouraged. Perhaps this platform is just not for me.

@ szymonwit May be then the guide lines have been not ok. But usually great innovation come from topping the requirements and searching outside the error area. By the way. Some of this “great innovation” are often shenanigans . Just like this kind of neoliberal thinking is no way to solve a conflict and trying to corrupt the community will come back to you.

I am way too uneducated to follow what you say:) All the best Ulrich

I think simply that the vote of a varied community like that of jovoto, will always be impossible to manage or direct towards those who we believe are the best results.

Jovoto staff can only check that there are no shenanigans

Also on the final choices of the customers it could siscutere much. so also in major international competitions.

So either you're in the game or you do not participate

Hi Mario , Hi curtisart Yes . That’ s how it is - I thought for quite some time, that you are some are kind of an emcee of this project. I guess if there were no comments from curtisart and you the project would have been kind of mute and vapid. You triggered a lot of resonance and contributions . I think Jovoto ows you both at least an Activity Award and a special thanks for the great verve.

Really?have you already checked their comments to me?(zero) ;)

Dear Creatives! Good news! Sparda-Bank was so excited about your designs, they want to do a public vote, so everyone can help them make this decision! They made a shortlist of six designs that we will reveal on monday, when the rating period has closed. We will be in touch with the creatives who's designs are on the shortlist, and inform you as soon as the vote opens on Monday.

Congratulations, great job!

Great news! Good luck to all!

I only enter contests that have jury prizes because the community voting so often is arbitrary and subjective. I hope that the jury will base their selection on how well the submissions actually solve the problems presented by the brief. Now you give us news that even the jury prizes will be selected by the community? I do not consider this good news.

Hi All, The shortlist was made by Sparda-Bank and the jury. We will announce the six designs next week when the vote goes live! Best Jess

Philipp, when you said "public voting", I thought you meant community voting. I didn't know there was a method for getting the public to vote. Getting the actual public involved seems like a good idea.

over 3 years ago

oh public voting is great! ;) it worked perfectly in Victorinox contest too! :D

over 3 years ago

Maybe you should tell about public public voting before the contest begins.. only members that have lot of followers in sm probably would participate!!!

I dont know about that, but the situation and the criteria are very different. indeed. And you are right. it is far from great. It just means , that there arn't The big bringer ,so the management don't know what to pick.Exactly how I suspected, see above.

Public vote will be a new vote of the community? (In theory It would have already voted). So it may be on facebook? Happy is he who has many friends ... :-D

We have to wait for the shortlist to understand how the jury has the technical capacity to make a personal choice and careful. Otherwise the public vote unskilled, could make the choice to fall on the most bizarre projects.

Then, good luck :-D

P.S. Another question: would not be right to introduce a cash prize even for those who enter the shortlist? At beginning of the contest it was not expected, but is usually so ...

I have to correct myself, the award for the shortlist was present, were provided only 2 places (or 2 + 1)

Dear Mario,

yes, you're right, the public voting is not another rating on Jovoto, but a public-public voting organized by Sparda-Bank to get their customers involved. We will provide the link as soon as it gets started. The two shortlist awards will go to rank 2 and 3 of the public vote.

Have a great weekend, and enjoy rating! If you didn't get to do it yet, there's about 3 days left!

Best, Philipp

Thanks Philipp,

but I see an inconsistency in the awarding of the prizes ... let me explain: One is the vote of the community with the related premiums, OK, but if a project gets into a shortlist of the Client, this project has centered the objective better than others, regardless of the vote of the community who may have many other reasons (also questionable), so if we have a shortlist of 6, as in this case and only two awards + one (the winner), does not seem to give proper value to those who anyway came in a shortlist chosen by the Client.

This opens up a sensitive issue, it must be better rewarded and more, who gets the votes of any community, or who centers the goal, even partial (see shortlist) certified by the choice of the Client?


Hi Mario, I can understand your concern, but you can also see it as the winner and two runner ups which will also be rewarded. Next time though, we will try to structure the prizes in a way that all people on the shortlist receive an award, or it's clear from the beginning how it will be broken up. All the best, Jess

Hi Jess, I'm sorry but the answer does not solve.

There is a shortlist of six candidates to victory. The customer has decided that it will be a public vote will decide the winner, then any of the six projects is for the Client an absolutely successful project.

The goal reached is therefore higher than that of any placement of projects voted by the community. It seems to me perfectly logical ...

It does not seem logical that a tenth of the community, for example, receives a higher premium of those who centered a more important objective, which in fact does not receive anything (three out of six).

Since the prize money I think is totally allocated by the Customer. The customer has found fully valid six projects and decided to widen the shortlist, the client should correctly ensure that the projects added shortlist have the right recognition.

I support this whit respect of labor and projects to anyone.

Hi Mario, It's really two separate contests: The community vote is a popularity contest and the jury vote is for what best meets the criteria of the client. At least, that's how I reconcile it in my mind.

Hi Steve, Certainly eventually they become two distinct competitions, but then what is the logic of a brief?

Exit the brief and try to carry out a project to impress the community or look for a project that will become the product and that justifies the work of the designer and the customer expectations?

The competition here is not presented as a separate race and it is useless to hide the fact that the prize money of the community also serve to attract more designers and therefore more customers are turning to Jovoto for research.

You need the right balance.

For example I would be in favor (and to launch an idea of jovoto team) at slightly lower premiums for the vote of the community but doubled where the vote of the community coincides with the shortlist of the customer or in any case other mechanisms more rewarding than you think is the main value of a project: to become product.

In the case of this project (SPrada-Bench) the shortlist of the customer will tell us if they have been awarded projects that are at the limit of the brief, very imaginative, impact but perhaps more difficult to realize, or choices that have taken into account costs, production, portability, ergonomics, etc., which remain low in the vote of the community because they have no WOW effect.

If the choice of the customer deviate much from the choice of the community, which should logically be the choice as to reward the most?

As you can see are all questions that I do not do to defend my work or that of others (I have several projects, with some I could point to one community vote, with other Client target), but only to stimulate growth in the objectives and research in the quality of work (and their respective fair awards).

There was no logic in the briefing in the first place. It is just a description of what there are looking for, without any plan how to manage it. An experienced professional would have noticed at once that this requires a two step procedure to accomplish that efficiently.. First to create an object, and see afterwards how to manage replicas ,copies, production etc. in a second step.

Hey Mario, As I said above, in this case being on the shortlist means eligible to win the other prizes. Next time we will consider all shortlist winners getting a reward for making it onto the shortlist. In your last comment, I want to make sure I understand what you mean, you would like that there is less Community Prize money, and more Client's Choice prizes?

Hi Everyone! The rating period has just closed, thank you for your many, many votes and great work. I congratulate you for completing this exiting project.

Now we are waiting to hear from the client about the public vote - but I will proceed with rating monitoring and close the project soon.

I'll let you know about the vote as soon as we have word from Sparda-Bank, that it's up.

Best, Philipp

I'm confused a bit... :)

Dear Creatives,

The Sparda-Bank has chosen 6 projects to be on the shortlist presented in the public voting, open until February 12. These creatives have the chance to win the first, second and third prize in the "Mark the Bench" public vote.

Fly - by Mario BarbieriVibe - by UnlimeSpikedup! - by Adrian IgnatSpardabench - by sharkydrummerEin starker Partner im Rücken - by 7tyfourSmalland - by sharkydrummer


Everyone can vote in the public voting. The link ishere

It's pretty self explained but here's an english explanation of the steps you need to take:

&gt; Go to link

&gt; underneath each project is a orange button "Abstimmen für XY", click the one you like the most. You have only one vote.

&gt; On the top of the page appears a table which you have to fill out, to make the vote count: -check "Herr" (male) or "Frau" (female) fill in -Name -Surname -Email -Date of birth then -check "ja, ich habe mich für eine Sparda-Bank entschieden" -check "spardawelt Kundenmagazin abonnieren" (if you want to get the newsletter ; ) -check "ja" or "nein" (if you're a customer already)

&gt;type in the code

&gt;hit the orange button "Abschicken"

Now your vote will be counted...

Happy voting everyone. All the best, Philipp

Philipp, why the public votes on sparda site are still open? How does this unusual competition, which seems to be a continuous work in progress?

Big congratulations to the winners and good luck in the further voting!!!

Congrats to all and good luck!

Congratulations to the chosen six and good luck in the next stage!

Congratulations guys! Well done and good luck in the voting!

congratulation to everyone, no one is loser, everyone are awesome designers. so, all the best for your future works and dreams.

Big congratulations to the winners !!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone!

I’m happy to officially close the project and announce the winners today, but I’d also like to say thank you to all of you who participated. You did a great job with a challenging task. We are all waiting for the Sparta-Bank voting to finish and how this will turn out, so for the time being let’s announce the community prize winners!

Round of applause to the 15 Community Winners. Have a look at all the winning community ranks here.

Next are all the community engagement prize winners. A big thanks to you, for making jovoto a fresh, collaborative and constructive place to work.

The Collaboration Award goes to sucran and robi.

We would like to present the Newcomer Award to elodiedelassus. Welcome to jovoto :)

The Fairest Rater Award goes to szymonwit.

The Best Feedback Award goes to tcurtisart. Thanks tcurtisart for your helpful and constructive comments.

Congrats to all, I enjoyed working on my first crowdstorm with you and I wish you good luck in further challenges! Best Philipp

I liked it! My choice has coincided with the choice of jury!!! Bravo!

I'm curious how was the best new commer elected?

Hi Eugene! there is an entry in the FAQs about this. You can read about it here. Hope that answers your question?

Best, Philipp

The public vote chose:

Why not give the news? It would have been interesting to have also the ranking of the votes on the 6 projects ...

Wow, Mario, you were quick...!

I did not steal the official announcement, only it seemed weird not you had agreed simultaneously... ;-)

Dear Bench-Designers!

Sparda-Bank customers and employees were able to choose one out of six finalists in a public vote. We are currently waiting for the final data and clearance of the jury to be able to announce all the winners. Thanks for your patience!

But for now, Congratulations Unlime for winning the public Sparda-Bench vote

Best, Philipp and the jovoto Team

Hi Creatives!

We now can announce the winners of the Mark The Bench challenge. Congratulations to the winners:

3rd of the shortlist is Sparda-Bench by sharkydrummer

2nd of the shortlist is spikedup! by Adrian Ignat

And the Jury Award goes to Unlime and his idea Vibe

Congratulations to the winners and all of you made this project interesting, exciting and successful.

Best, Philipp

it is really a great news, thanks! of course also big congrats to all the winners and thanks a lot to philipp for your guidance! :)

Congrats to all!!

Dear Designers,

we are happy to share some progress with you. The winning design of Unlime has been manufactured and is at the photoshoot already.

You can see the prototype here.

The parts are cut from orange mdf that was laminated with a blue layer. Best, Philipp

WOOOOOO! is so super to see ideas become reality!!!!!!!! hands up for Unlime!

Wooow!!! Exciting! It really looks amazing, well done to all involved parties, well done!!!! :)

Really nice work... It is always a great satisfaction to see their project become reality

Sinned orange isn't a little more vivid ...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!! Awesome work! :]]]

wow, it looks really great. well done! thank you for sharing of the photo! :)

It isn't finished jet , right ?

Dear All,

Another big congratulations to unlime! Now that Sparda-Bank has made the first prototype of his bench, they've also kicked off the Sparda-BANK campaign!

Watch this video to see unlime's design VIBE in action and representing Sparda-Bank in all different places :)

We love to see this type of hype for jovoto designs! Best, Jess

WOW! Congrats to unlime ;-)

So far so good. But know it's time for constructive critisism and thinking of innovation . Is this bench a fitting _Markenidentifikationszeichen" It is a nice design though, with no relation of any kind to the Institution. Inconclusiveness instead of relevant significance . I wonder how it happened? Does the glossy effects overpowered the substance. I think there were some far more original Ideas. They just were not worked out so good. Nobody ever cared. This was my first project . I mostly learned, that the methode somehow not worked out. My idea ; all this rating at that stage was for what, There was still plenty of time and work to do, to optimize the material in teamwork. Therefore there should be a coworking only phase under cooperative rules before the rating. I am missing the "Come on Novotians , We can do better. "as a work team featuring spirit.?

The time for ”constructive critisism” has passed. Let`s enjoy the final product and be glad for Unlime!

The result looks great. Fresh, cozy and eye-catching. Congrats to Unlime

thanks, stephan & eduard!! :)

This critic meant to adress some methodic aspects . If you not aware of the history and concept of the Institution Sparda Bank, it may be make little sense. Why here everybody take everything so personal anyway ?.

By the way , when the time for constructive critism has passed, there will be even more ignorance .

Project terms

The following Project Terms are the legal basis for your participation in this Crowdstorm.

In §3 we define the rights that you pass on to jovoto when you submit an idea.

In §4 we define the rights that you pass on to the client. From §4.2 onwards, you find the details about which rights you pass to the client once the Crowdstorm is completed if they decide to license your idea.

In §5 you will find important points on what you will be held responsible for (like respecting copyrights and clearly marking all third party material in your submission).

1.    Scope

1.1    These project terms supplement the Terms of Use for creatives and apply to public projects in terms of section 3.1.1 of the Terms of Use. Definitions contained in the Terms of Use also apply to the context of these project terms. Public projects may be viewed by everyone. All registered creatives may submit ideas for such projects provided they accept these project terms.

1.2    By submitting an idea to a project, the creative accepts the terms of use and these project terms.

2.    Right to be Named as Author

By accepting these project terms and the terms of use, the creative waives any right to be named as author if the client wishes this when licensing the creative's idea. As long as the client does not purchase the idea, jovoto will ensure that the creative is named as author.

3.    Granting Rights of Use to jovoto


By submitting an idea to a project, the creative grants the rights of use listed in section 3 to jovoto.

3.1    Even when participating in a project or submitting an idea, the creative still retains the right, without restriction on content, time or space, to use his own idea for the purpose of self-promotion provided he observes the rights of third parties, in particular those of the client. This does not apply to the first three months following the end of the submission phase of a project. During this period, the creative is not permitted to use his idea in any other manner. The client's trademarks and other related rights may only be used if and when the client explicitly allows this for the performance of the competition.

3.2    jovoto wishes to point out explicitly that participation in a project and/or submission of an idea does not confer on the creative any right to use material of jovoto or the client. In particular, participation in a project does not give the creative any right to use the logo or other materials belonging to the project sponsor (client) or to third parties. This does not apply in cases where the project terms or the project briefing call for other arrangements.

3.3    The creative submitting an idea to a project grants to jovoto non-exclusive transferable rights, without restriction on time, space or content, to use the idea, including associated creative works and any comments submitted therewith to the extent required for the operation of the platform. In particular, the creative grants to jovoto the right to make every comment and/or idea and the associated works on the platform accessible to third parties and to make any reproductions necessary for this purpose. The creative grants to jovoto the right to edit the works in question in order to present them more favorably on the website.

3.4    In addition, the creative grants to jovoto the right to make comments and/or the idea and the associated works publicly accessible for the purpose of presentation beyond the confines of the project, for example in the jovoto newsletter or in its blog, to distribute them and to edit them, in particular to create and present summaries or individual pictures of videos and texts, scaled-down versions of photographs ('thumbnails') etc.

3.5    Furthermore, the creative grants to jovoto the non-exclusive right, without restriction on content, time or space, to use the ideas and associated works in any medium for the purpose of communicating and promoting the project and/or ideas submitted to the project. To this end, jovoto may reproduce the ideas and associated works, distribute, edit, rearrange them, make them publicly accessible, broadcast and publicly play them in other ways, whereby this includes in particular making them available or broadcasting them by transmitting the content to fixed or mobile terminal devices of other creatives as part of automated subscription services (push services) or download services (pull services) (e.g. by podcast, RSS feed, Atom feed, XML interface or other technologies). The parties to this agreement consider the right of public reproduction also to include, in particular, the right to render the idea and associated works on the website using methods to play back audio and video data that can be received and simultaneously played by creatives (streaming), including the possibility of configuring the stream in such a way that the broadcast data can be stored by the recipient. In order to document the project and/or to promote the platform, jovoto may in particular include the creative's idea, alone or together with the ideas of other creatives, in a catalog of ideas, which will be made available to the client on conclusion of a project, and which it may reproduce as a different form of print publication and distribute (including as poster), where this serves as an appropriate form of publication for the platform, present at trade fairs (in particular in the form of banners, posters, video clips), make accessible as "best cases" on the platform, also in conjunction with other projects, or make generally publicly available, include in press releases or make available to third parties in the course of normal public relations work (for example for external press reports in journals).

3.6    In order to secure the greatest possible level of awareness and reach for the creative's ideas, the creative additionally grants to jovoto the right to publish the creative's ideas, and/or to have them published, on websites of external providers, to make the reproductions required for this and to transfer the individual works (i.e. the corresponding files) to the relevant third party, and/or to grant these providers technical access to the ideas for the above-mentioned purposes, including the right to reproduce the ideas for inclusion in their own websites. In order to achieve the aims mentioned in this sub-section, jovoto may use popular, established technical methods (e.g. embedded functions). The creative therefore consents to the relevant third-party provider adopting the works in question and also publishing them.

3.7    The creative will receive no monetary recompense for granting the aforementioned rights of use to jovoto. In return for being granted the rights, jovoto will present the creative's ideas on the platform and will give him the opportunity to sell his ideas to third parties or to jovoto and to participate with his ideas in projects.

3.8    In technical terms, the platform is a highly complex system with a large number of links. The content of creatives builds on from different user content and is cross-linked with it in many ways, etc. In addition, as a platform for creative services, the platform must provide a high degree of transparency and traceability – also covering the possibility of investigating or searching through events set in the past. The granting of rights of use in accordance with section 3 is therefore irrevocable and extends beyond any end to the user agreement. Content submitted by the creative to the platform can therefore remain accessible on the platform even after this license agreement terminates or the creative is no longer a user of the platform for other reasons.

3.9    jovoto also endeavors wherever possible to allow the creative every freedom to exploit his ideas vis-à-vis third parties. Within the scope of projects the creative may, where applicable, have the opportunity to subject his idea to open content licensing terms (such as Creative Commons licensing). Whether and to what extent this is to apply in an individualproject (including the relevant details) will be specified in the briefing. The creative must in all cases explicitly indicate the use of third-party materials, including those that are subject to open licensing.

3.10    The aforementioned provisions apply accordingly for performance provided by a creative that cannot be registered or protected (e.g. draft concepts). At the same time, the performance provided by a creative is also deemed to have been rendered even if it cannot be registered or protected (e.g. as patent, brand or copyright) unless explicitly agreed otherwise.

4.    Granting Rights of Use to the Client


By submitting an idea to the project, the creative grants the rights of use listed in section 4 to the client. The granting of rights of use in accordance with section 4.2 ff. is subject to the condition precedent that the client decides to acquire the creative's idea.

4.1    By participating in a project, the creative grants to the client the non-exclusive right of use, without restriction on content, time or space, to present his ideas and works as such outside of advertising campaigns or in order to promote the project, alone or together with the ideas and works of other creatives participating in the project, in any medium. Moreover, the creative grants to the client the right to use the ideas and works for the purpose of internal and external market research and for preparing the acquisition of the exclusive rights of use to the ideas and works. This may require the distributing and making the ideas and works publicly accessible, limited to the aforementioned purposes.

4.2    By accepting this license agreement, the creative grants to jovoto, subject to the condition precedent of the client's decision to acquire the corresponding rights from jovoto, rights of use to the idea that the creative has submitted to a project, together with all works, performances and activities contained in the idea, and to elements protected by copyright, design and performance protection rights associated with the idea (hereinafter referred to collectively as "works"), for exploitation in all known and unknown manners of utilization, in particular to the extent detailed below. This includes in particular – also in cases where rights arise at a later date – the exclusive, transferable right, unrestricted by content, time and space, and capable of being sub-licensed in parts, to reproduce the idea, and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea, irrespective of whether for payment or not, to distribute them, exhibit, rent out, to publicly render, in particular present, perform, display, make publicly accessible, broadcast, relay via cable or other systems (cable rebroadcasting), reproduce through video or audio medium, to make public via screen, loudspeaker or any other technical device, programs already broadcast or recordings made on the basis of public transmissions or to reproduce in any other intangible form, to edit and rearrange as well as to publish and use any such edited or rearranged form.

4.3    The aforementioned rights of exploitation for commercial or promotional purposes include in particular:

4.3.1    The right to reproduce the idea, and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea, in any tangible and/or intangible, digital or analog, form, e.g. through reprography or transfer to analog media (e.g. packaging, promotional material, advertisements, placards, books, stickers, printouts, pictures, illustrated books, books, comics, leaflets, flyers, photographs, photocopies, photo-mechanical processes, posters, magazines, newspapers), through digitalization or any other form of digital storage and to temporarily and/or permanently store on any other known type of data, video and/or video/audio media such as diskette, DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM, HD DVD, Blu-ray Disc, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, CD-Audio, Super Audio CD, audio cassette, vinyl record, MMC, SD, MS, MS Pro, Flash Card, Smart Card, Secure Digital Card, memory stick, MiniDisc, DAT, hard disk, server, proxy server, USB stick and/or via transmission in the Internet or other data networks or through transmissions or in database systems; in particular this also includes the right to use the idea and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea for company-internal and -external presentations, in company-internal media such as intranet, PowerPoint presentations and for the creation and distribution of advertisements in print media and in electronic, especially online, means of advertising;

4.3.2    The right to distribute or put into circulation the idea and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea in any known way and on all physical analog and digital media independently or in combination with other works, especially in support of a product, and/or to offer these to third parties, in particular to rent and lend out irrespective of the distribution channel and the embodiment, in particular through distribution of the idea and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea on the aforementioned digital or analog media via wholesalers, resellers or retailers, mail order and irrespective of whether by remote sale, electronic transaction, free transfer or free distribution;

4.3.3    The right to transfer the idea, and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea, in any known technical manner and to make them known, and in particular accessible to the public. This includes, in particular, the fact that the idea and the associated works may be stored in digital form in a data processing system from which they may then be retrieved by third parties 'on demand' as a stream or download or any other form as digital signal via wired or wireless media and/or transmitted there with the consequence that the stored data are transferred to the receiving device of the third party where they may be decoded after storage, intermediate storage or immediately, i.e. converted into text, images and/or sounds and made visible or audible. The idea and the associated works may also be made available to the third party in such a manner that he/she may store the idea and the works contained therein and/or parts thereof in his/her receiving device and may access them there repeatedly. Interactive use by way of on demand is characterized by the ideas stored in digital form being made available to members of the public who are not present at the source of where they are made available, and being made available in such a way that members of the public have access to them and can request their transmission at independent times and places even if transmission of the works to third parties takes place at a later point in time than at the one requested. The online right of use exists independently of the form of transmission chosen by the client or its licensees for the use of the protected material and includes, for example, interactive or non-interactive online systems, electronic databases, the Internet, the World Wide Web, social networks and platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, XING, Google+, LinkedIn or Facebook, Apps, IRC or news, file sharing or application service providing;

4.3.4    The right to send or forward the idea, and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea, to third parties irrespective of whether in 'analog or digital' form whether via data networks in the form of subscription or download services (e.g. by streaming, video-on-demand, near-video-on-demand, podcasting, webcasting, simulcasting, IPTV, mobile TV, push services (such as RSS feed, XML interface, etc.) and pull services of all kinds) or via traditional modes of transmission such as public or private broadcast, rebroadcast and repeat broadcast via radio, television and similar systems of communication and reception, electromagnetic waves, electronic devices, wire, cable, satellite, antenna systems, digital means of communications and other technical equipment, whether via the client's own means of transmission or via public or private broadcast companies;

4.3.5    The right to publish the idea, and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea, first in any desired form at the point in time of the client's choosing irrespective of whether on any type of tangible media or in intangible form (e.g. on the Internet), irrespective of whether independently or in combination with other content such as a collection or multimedia work or as part of an encyclopedia;

4.3.6    The right to commercially exploit the idea, and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea, through the manufacture and sale of goods of all types (e.g. dolls, toys, stuffed animals, sports articles, household, bathroom and kitchen items, garments, printed matter including comics, sound storage media, headgear, buttons) and/or to exploit the media listed and described in this sub-section, the marketing of services of all types using the circumstances, names, titles, figures, illustrations or other relationships related to the idea, and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea, including the right to exploit the idea fully or in part through the production and sale of games/computer games, including interactive computer games, and/or other multi-media productions and/or other forms of work and to promote goods and services of any kind using such elements or through edited or unedited excerpts from videos ("merchandising right");

4.3.7    The right to modify, edit, combine, arrange the idea, and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea, in any manner, especially through correction and translation into any other language, through extension, conversion, augmentation, adaptation, complementing, through inclusion in databases or by the creation of collected works, through the substitution of images and figures, through changes to the characters of figures, or allowing such actions to be undertaken by third parties, and to publish, exploit, or have published and exploited, the edited or rearranged works in any of the ways described in the above provisions.

4.3.8    The rights granted exist irrespective of the technology used as the basis for the use of the right. In particular, the granting / transfer of rights of use are not bound to the form of data transmission (analog or digital), to the means of data transmission currently used or to the type of end-user receiving device. The client is especially entitled to allow this access via any type of equipment or device that is technically able to call up and/or represent the content provided. Access can be effected in particular with the aid of fixed devices (e.g. personal computer, set-top box for digital TV or Internet terminal) and mobile terminal devices, especially mobile telephones (via WAP, SMS, i-mode and any future standards), smartphones, electronic organizers, so-called personal digital assistants (based on operating systems such as Stinger, EPOC, Palm OS, Windows CE/Pocket PC), in particular via wired connections (telephone networks, TV cable networks, ISDN, DSL, Internet fixed line, etc.), via wireless connections (wireless local loop, satellite, radio [in particular DVB-H], mobile telephone networks [GSM, CDMA, HSCSD, GPRS, 3G, UMTS], wireless LAN) or in the process of synchronization with other electronic devices (e.g. via cable and network connection, Bluetooth or infra-red) and on the basis of various transmission standards and presentation formats (e.g. TCP/IP, SMS, MMS, EMS, PMS, smart messages, DVB, HTML, WML, cHTML, e-mail) in all online services, data and (tele-) communications networks, in particular the Internet.

The client is to be able to use the idea fully and exclusively on a permanent basis and to exploit it commercially, in particular for advertising purposes and across all media.

4.4    In addition to, and above and beyond, the above provisions, it is agreed that, if the creative has created a computer program, only the client will be entitled to exercise any proprietary rights to the computer program after the transfer of rights by jovoto.

4.5    Following the transfer of rights, the client is entitled at its own discretion and without the separate agreement of the creative, to transfer the rights listed in section 4 to third parties or to allow third parties to exercise such rights irrespective of whether in the original form or in an edited form. This applies independently of the content and scope of the license terms agreed with the relevant third party, i.e. irrespective of whether through the transfer of the exclusive right of use or through the assignment of individual or several fully inclusive or non-exclusive rights of use limited with regard to content and/or time and/or space.

4.6    The above provisions also apply in the event that the idea, and all works, performances and activities contained in the idea, have been combined with third-party protected material. If a collective creative work with shared copyright ownership has resulted from the combination of the works with other protected material, the creative herewith agrees to the exploitation of the collective work to the extent specified by the above provisions.

4.7    The use of material covered by open access or open content licensing terms for the development and creation of the project idea is prohibited, irrespective of whether this is done by the creative or third parties. The creative warrants that he will not use such material.

4.8    The idea will also remain visible on the platform even after being sold to the client. It will however be marked as 'sold (e.g. as 'Client's Choice').

4.9    The creative waives his right to be named as author in the exploitation of the idea. jovoto will work towards persuading the client that the creative's authorship should be acknowledged as author and that he should be named as such in accompanying material in cases where it is not possible to achieve such mention on specimens of the work.

4.10    Where the creative has used material and/or works of third parties in the course of developing and submitting the idea (for example photographs from publicly accessible databases, fonts, sample texts or similar), he also grants to jovoto and to the client rights of use to this third-party material and to these third-party works in accordance with the provisions of section 4.10. The sole exception to this are those parts of the idea that have been identifiably used for illustrative purposes and are marked as such components used solely for illustrative purposes and are explicitly titled as "SAMPLE" or "SPECIMEN" in the idea. Third-party materials and third-party works that are not marked as such will be treated as if they were the creative’s own works.

4.11    The condition precedent for the granting of rights in accordance with section 4 will be deemed to have been met when the client has made the decision to acquire the rights to an idea of the creative as specified in section 4, the client has informed jovoto of this in writing and jovoto has accordingly informed the creative in writing. jovoto will grant the license rights to the idea to the client immediately after the condition precedent becomes effective and the creative has been informed.

4.12    jovoto will immediately inform the creative in writing in cases where the client desires a direct license of rights from the creative. The creative and the client can then reach an agreement on the scope of the rights granted – if necessary with jovoto as mediator. jovoto will provide a specimen agreement on request.

4.13    The granting of rights of use in accordance with section 4 remains unaffected by the termination of the contractual relationship between the creative and jovoto and the underlying terms of use.

4.14    The aforementioned provisions apply accordingly for performance provided by a creative that cannot be registered or protected (e.g. draft concepts). At the same time, the performance provided by a creative is also deemed to have been rendered even if it cannot be registered or protected (e.g. as patent, brand or copyright) unless explicitly agreed otherwise.

5.    Creative's Guarantee, Indemnity

5.1    The creative guarantees that he has developed all ideas, and works associated with the ideas together with the individual elements, himself, and that he is the owner of all rights that are necessary in order to grant the rights of use in accordance with sections 3 and 4 and to meet any other applicable conditions. The creative also guarantees that his ideas and associated works are free of any third-party rights.

5.2    The creative also guarantees that he will not submit or offer any content, in particular ideas or work samples, that encroach upon the rights of third parties or where content is ineligible in accordance with the above provisions. The creative must check whether his ideas and the associated works infringe the rights of third parties. Indications for such contractual infringements are given when, in particular,

5.2.1    Works subject to copyright, e.g. graphics, videos, photos or text (even when edited or alienated, unless the original can no longer be identified), are used that were not created by the creative himself;

5.2.2    The ideas contain performances subject to copyright or related rights such as live recordings of concerts, plays, circus performances, etc., or parts thereof, or include other performances protected by other related rights such as television programs (including opening and closing sequences);

5.2.3    Third parties have collaborated on the production of the content in such a way that they are able to acquire ancillary copyright, for example for recording, direction, editing, sound engineering, camerawork, etc. unless the persons in question have agreed to the exploitation of the idea created with their collaboration on the platform;

5.2.4    The content includes personal or other sensitive information about individuals or groups of people, unless the necessary consent and/or exploitation rights have been obtained by the creative;

5.2.5    Third parties are portrayed in photographs or videos in such a way that they play a major role in terms of their significance for the photo/video, unless the creative has obtained their explicit consent to the scene and to the exploitation of the results on the platform.

5.3    The creative also guarantees that he is not prevented by any contract of employment or other such agreement from contributing the relevant idea and participating with it in a project.

5.4    The creative will indemnify jovoto from any claims that third parties may assert against jovoto for infringement of their rights as a result of the ideas submitted by the creative. jovoto will inform the creative of any such assertion in writing immediately. The creative will make every effort to support jovoto in preparing a suitable defense. The creative will assume all costs incurred by jovoto in this connection, including reasonable costs for a legal defense. The creative is entitled to prove that the actual costs incurred by jovoto were lower than those claimed.

5.5    The same applies in the event of claims asserted by third parties when the creative infringes legal positions of third parties, in particular trademark rights or personal rights, or other legal provisions (such as prohibitions contained in the Act Against Unfair Practices – UWG) through the subject of the content, irrespective of the authorship thereof.