2b brings the bench/bank outside, closer to client, in his everyday life and activities.

Visual solution

What is the idea behind your Sparda-Bank-Bench?

The bench is designed to fit, as well as to stand out in everyday situations to show that Sparda bank accompanies you everywhere you need it. It has a simple and honest design which expresses stability through a solid, precisely defined shape which is modern and refreshing yet functional and reliable. The playful color scheme creates a bright, informal and welcoming atmosphere and works as an eye catching visual element. The bench is also child friendly in terms of appearance as well as safety.

What makes your Sparda-Bench iconic?

The previously mentioned combination of distinctive work with color and formal precision makes 2b a unique piece of design which is easy to remember and to link with Sparda bank.

Give us an idea of how your bench is produced and at what costs.

The “b” shaped pieces are made through aluminium casting which is often used for production of furniture. Apart from the neat look aluminum offers great strength to weight ratio and corrosion resistance. The color panels are made of wood which is first CNC cut and then painted. The both metal casting and cnc wood milling are semi-automated processes suitable for smaller series with reasonable cost. The bench is then assembled using steel pipes, weld in threaded inserts and stainless screws.

Is your bench transportable and all weather proof?

Bench can be stored or transported either completely assembled for immediate installation, partially assembled (seat and backrest separately) to save space and minimize installation time or as individual pieces. All mentioned materials are lightweight weatherproof and widely used for outdoor applications.

Did you use any stock or third party material? Please list all stock, fonts, and creative commons material!




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