Surf a bench
A bench with a sense of movement with lots of energy, sporty, dynamic.


Powerfull and friendly, the feeling that the Sparda-Bank also wants to achieve in their sponsoring.

What is the idea behind your Sparda-Bank-Bench?

To design something nice and smooth. A bench for a short stay, to dream of the next holiday or surfing the Internet. Children can simply sit and play on the shorter sides. Getting a smile on your lips and making the world equal to a nicer place to sit... Even older people can identify with the form

What makes your Sparda-Bench iconic?

The classic surfboard shape, timeless and elegant.

Give us an idea of how your bench is produced and at what costs.

The seat and back can be milled and laminated like classic surfboards. With a steel or aluminum base.

Is your bench transportable and all weather proof?

Yes, easy to clean and can be used both inside and outside

Did you use any stock or third party material? Please list all stock, fonts, and creative commons material!


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