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A design that honors the Architectural History, Strength and Stability, a bank you can Trust.


A strong architectural based design that represents the strength and stability you want in a bank. The architectural column design and the recognizable shape of the back rest also honors the history of the banking industry, and gives you a feeling of trust. A safe place for your money.

What is the idea behind your Sparda-Bank-Bench?

Architecture, Stability, Strength, History, Trust. The comfort in knowing your money is in a safe place.

What makes your Sparda-Bench iconic?

An Architectural column is a historic and iconic design element through history. It's a symbol of Strength and Stability. It's instantly recognizable as a metaphor of Big Business and Money.

Give us an idea of how your bench is produced and at what costs.

I think it would certainly be within budget set forth. The end supports (half columns) could be light weight cast cement, and the backrest is powder coated stamped sheet metal. I also think other materials could be explored.

Is your bench transportable and all weather proof?

Simple construction. Assembled from four main parts- Seat, Backrest, Two end supports. Has enough weight to be stable and stay in place, but can also be easily taken apart for transport. All materials are waterproof.

Did you use any stock or third party material? Please list all stock, fonts, and creative commons material!

Original Column image from 123 RF stock images. Images used for presentation/comp purposes only.

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