A minimalistic, geometric and modular bench that invites interaction and openness.


A versatile piece of furniture with a friendly design that can can accommodate at least 3 people. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. The 3 modules that make the product ensure a high degree of flexibility - it can easily fit into any Sparda Bank interior setting and it can can also be moved around and transported for events.

What is the idea behind your Sparda-Bank-Bench?

Versatility. Interaction. Safety. The bench is the ideal place inside the bank for interaction. The lack of backrest acts as a real ice-breaker for discussions. The modules it can be “sliced” into allow you to move freely and find the most comfortable position in order to start a conversation, but also provide privacy when you need to fill in or read sensitive documents.

What makes your Sparda-Bench iconic?

Simplicity and geometry.

Give us an idea of how your bench is produced and at what costs.

The bench is made of simple materials and componets : waterproof wood and electrostatic painted metal.

Is your bench transportable and all weather proof?

Yes! The modules ensure its versatility, thus it can easily be moved around. The materials it is made of (wood plus metal) make it suitable for outdoors settings in all seasons.

Did you use any stock or third party material? Please list all stock, fonts, and creative commons material!

Yes, the image with the girl.