UPDATE: VOTE with a fingertip!
To prevent TTIP, as many people as possible have to stand up & voice their objection to politicians.


By designing specific AntiTTIP Emojis, Greenpeace provides a viral and powerful tool of protest to all of us. With each AntiTTIP-Emoji that you share or tweet – you add to the Greenpeace petition towards politicians. With very little media investment, Greenpeace thus reaches not only people directly on their smartphones – but consequently the politicians. Who are actually the ones, who we need to adress most.

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emojis bigstock-hand-holding-smartphone-with-c-39894559.jpg http://i.imgur.com/3m7W2.png As the credits kept dissappearing from the individual pictures, I attached a complete list of the mockups. To be found at the end of the concept. Thank you.