What do you know??
Everybody has an opinion, let them do it in a direct and simple way, lets build a wall and stop TTIP


In this era all people in the world want to express his opinion, sharing moments all over the social networks, so for the TTIP lets go viral giving a space were the people can inform others about the bad things that the TTIP do and all will connect with a hashtag to build the wall: #WhatsTTIP or #StopTTIP or #TTIPWALL So the idea will give spaces were everybody can share his opinion, like: - Public spaces, removable wall. -Social networks, a virtual wall (image) that they can use it in the phone

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I used third party materials to do the examples (2 photos). http://www.xtrart.es/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Saltando-Muros-Biblioteca-Vasconcelos-Ciudad-de-M%C3%A9xico-2013.jpg http://www.noticiasfides.net/img/news/ilos-muros-de-la-ciudad-de-la-paz-se-pintan-de-poesia13203.jpg