Was verändert TTIP? / What changed TTIP?
TTIP affects many areas of life. Personal consequences are shown in graphs.


The level of information in the population is in my experience not sufficient. By the effects of the agreement are shown in exaggerated images, should the issue and its urgency are moved closer. Adaptations of games support the Enlightenment. 1-5. The date of ratification of TTIP represents a turning point. Changes are faced by before and after. 6-7. Idea is the adaptation of games: for example as a gift for Christmas. 8-13. Here only is the "object" shown after ratification of TTIP.

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Font. Fotos von 2 Spielen. (Quellen: Memory: https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/shopping?q=tbn:ANd9GcRQwZDKuzWERBYFQq6w-wPkxrKQpkGTDpNSwDYKnQ3CZuvXS4l-b1pj7yTLfE3XwqSVCPyskY&usqp=CAY; Monopoly: http://www.preistrend.de/PreisvergleichHasbro-MonopolyImperium12-Edition2014__x72497406027D7A0F.html. Stand: 20.11.2015)

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