We care for the caregiver.

Teva challenges you to shape the future of caregiving with smart services and practical solutions.


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The socially engaged side of Jovoto in the choice of some of the projects that have appeared here is one of the many reasons why I enjoy being here! I hope I will be able to contribute as much as possible to this one!

Dear designmeagain, We're so happy to hear that- we're glad that our approach aligns with yours :) Looking forward to see some dynamic concepts that can help out those who help others. All the best, Jess

Amazing project again!

Hello Jovoto and TEVA, this is a great project I`m looking forward to join and see the fellow contributors on that.

Dear community,

This is an exceptional project that we are pleased to be running on our platform.

We understand that the subject of caregiving can be very sensitive, and sometimes hard to talk about, which is all the more reason why it's important to start the conversation and see what we can do to help those that help others.

Thanks for your willingness, and positive feedback so far.

Looking forward to work on this project with you.

All the best, Jess

Oh positivity how I like you! :) Very excited about this one as well. And it's very nice to hear that you guys are as well.

Excited to see how we can give caregivers some well-deserved relief! ;)

Best, Olof

Hi Jess, i have a project which would fit in this competition perfectly. My only question is if the €2.500 incl. license fee means that the idea i will publish is sold to Teva, or do i understand this incorrectly? We market study of our concept and the interest from the caregivers community is immensive. We already have 1000's of followers on social media for our concept. Our concept is specificaly based on the caregiver. I have a lot of experience as a caregiver for my grandmother with Dementia so this was the motivation for our concept!

"€2,500Jury Award (incl. license fee)" - yes, you then license/ sell the idea. It is not yours anymore. So... a project that you are actively working for/ with, you will probably not be willing to sell? Do not enter that.

Hi RD3 & CrossTheLime, CrossTheLime is correct, by uploading your idea you agree to license it to the client for the specified licensing fee. Therefore, if you would not like to sell your idea, you shouldn't upload it. All the best, Jess

Thanks Jess for the clarification. We will not participate in this contest. It's a shame, because it fits perfectly on the briefing. We are already at a different stage and because of the personal connection I think I should continue like we are right now.

Hi RD6, I'm sorry to hear that it won't work out this time, but good luck and all the best with your endeavors! Amazing to hear you will be making a difference in the caregiving sector. Maybe next there are other projects that you have ideas for that aren't already in development! :) All the best, Jess

Hello, It sound great for a first project, so close to the heart, as we have struggled in our family with a sick and dear person. I'm so excited to get started, good luck everyone! Luana

Hi luanastefan, Great to hear your excited to take part in this task. Maybe it's a way some good can come out of struggle. If you have any questions about jovoto, don't hesitate to ask. Best, Jess

Dear project participants,

Thanks to everyone so far for the positive support you've given us! We are also very happy to see that so many of you have jumped in straight away submitting so many ideas.

As the ideas are flowing in, we've realised that for the duration of this project, we will have many many ideas to review with the client. To make it clearer & easier for us to understand and pitch your ideas, we have designed a template for you to fill out and present each of your ideas. You can find the template above in the Project Kit, where you can also find additional helpful information about the task.

Because the submission phase in the project is longer than usual, we have also set up several meetings with the client to discuss your ideas. The first client call is tomorrow, so it would be a big help it you could upload your templates by then! And of course get in any ideas or updates so we can discuss it with the client.

We'll get back to you with feedback at the beginning of next week :) Thanks again and all the best, Jess

Hi Vitiz, At the moment we can't put the Project Kit directly in the upload form, technically it's not possible, but it's a good suggestion for the future. We'll think abou that! As for the Project Kit files, there are three file types of the same document to make it easy for you to work in the format of you choice. All the best! Jess

Hey there,

We had our first client meeting today! Thanks for all of your effort so far, and the client is very eager to see your idea develop.

I have two points of feedback from our meeting today:

  • It's all about the caregiver. Some idea focus a lot on patient needs, but the focus of your ideas and concepts should be about relieving the caregiver.

  • Building connections, also in reality. Many ideas so far focus on apps, how can you support connects in real life as well as virtually?

More feedback coming under your ideas soon! All the best, Jess

Hai, Jess! Since the project is really sensitive, can we look into religion field too? I had search on website & found some information on how the religions can help & cope caregiver through different events: caregiver appreciation night. faith classes & cell group, ... but, involved quick a lot about Christianity. here are some of the links: http://www.majorhope.com/mission-vison-statement-of-faith-principles-and-values.html

Hi LKK, Interesting question. I supposed TEVA is a secular organisation as nowhere was a religious aspect mentioned, but I will check on this with the client and get back to you. Thanks and have a great weekend, Jess

Hi guys useful link for you.https://www.jointlyapp.com/#welcome, maybe will help someone with the idea.

Hello, everyone! This project is very challenging! Here i request a collaboration to help developing my idea. Anyone who interested in my idea, just pm me!

Dear Jess, first off thank you for existing and being such a kind person! Secondly, please give me advice on how to better develop my ideas for this project, and update them, and in the third place give me please some tips, tricks and advice on how to become a better Jovotan. Thank you very much for your time!

Dear mihaimehigh, Why thank you for the kind words! I'm posting the Halftime Feedback right now :) And you are welcome to read through the jovoto FAQ or the creative blog to gather some tips! If you have any other questions, get it touch. Have a great weekend, Jess

Hi Jess, I am from India. Can i take part in your project ?

Hey Ramiz,

Diana from jovoto here. Hello to India, anyone from any 'corner' of the world can participate.

Have fun! Diana

Thank You Diana, can i add more slides to the require presentation ? as it won't able to take more writing in it.

Hi there, Great that you submitted your idea! You are welcome to use other slides to present your idea, the template is meant only to give a summarised overview of your idea with the most important aspects. All the best, Jess

So do we have to present our idea within the template specifications? This means, just 1 slide?

Hi oxelot, You are welcome to use more slides to present your idea, but please include the template to clearly & easily summarise your idea. All the best, Jess

Hi Jess, having time and reading through the concepts to do fair rating, I recognized, that there are similiar ideas, dealing with sort of "co-caregiving", simply said. This is very good solution to the problem, so I would think, to give all a good rate ;) But as this is also a contest, I do not know, if this is fair to the idea owner, who submitted first, and to decide about, which concept is better, I´m not able to. So I have a rating dilemma..., which advice can you give me or what do other members think?

I agree with Elli, I was also confused but what I did is trying to rate the very first ideas... ihope this is fair

@lemo I think that co-caregiving is a very complex approach and the multitude of ideas proved it but, at the end of the day, the details of how each idea is planning of doing it will determine in fact its success or failure. These days, when you have all kind of mesh businesses, where things are being shared, with facebook, uber, airbnb, and many more examples, this kind of ideas would appear naturally. I find myself "guilty" of what you said. I worked around the concept of co-caregiving and, in my solution, I am emphasizing the potential the creation of a team around the caregiver through a platform has. But I think it's a different story than one of the first ideas based on caregiving which is carecity, or another couples of ideas that aim volunteers. They all wrap around the co-caregiving, but it's hard to say how much they overlap.
In conclusion, I think that you should rate on what it's more important to you. Who posted the fastest and grabbed the headstart on the idea, or who managed to push it the furthest. Regards, Sabin.

Hi there, We also had a similar discussion, especially as the client was very concerned. It's true that many of the ideas are similar or have a certain overlap. The best way I can explain it, is while the task is broad, there are specific and obvious tools that can help relieve a caregiver. Therefore, because everyone is working on the same task there are some inevitable overlaps in ideas. If we said there could only be one tracking and managing app, we would extremely limit the creative ideas that were flowing! So I would say, it really comes down to the details of the idea. Hope this was helpful. All the best Jess

Hi Jess,

That was a quick and informative reply. But rating of idea for tracking and managing app should be clubbed together. Similarly mobility should be clubbed together and ranked. Or else, all the tracking and managing app ideas could end with a good rank compared to others.

So different rankings for different topics might sound better. What do you think?

Thank you all, for your thoughts to my question. I try to consider all this points and hope to rate fair.

Hi there! when will the winner selection ends?

Hi Denisse, I will finish up rating monitoring asap, therefore the project will be closed by the end of the week! All the best Jess

Dear Creatives,

We, as well as the We care for the caregiver project team would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who participated and worked on this important and emotional task. Thank you!

After monitoring all of the ratings, we are happy to officially close the project and announce the community winners and the 4 ideas that have been selected to move on to the next development phase.

First, congrats to the top 20 idea creators! You can see the ideas you voted as the community favourites here.

And now for outstanding engagement awards, go to:

  • Best Collaboration, goes to: Paulina_K & Mariya_Vasileva for their idea All4Care. Another great concept you too.

  • Thanks to Joyleen our Best Feedback winner for supporting others throughout this project!

  • A warm welcome to the winner of the Best Newcomer: DumitruRadu

  • And LKK1511 for rating all ideas with a broad range from 1-10, reflecting the overall community rating earned him the Fairest Rater Award.

Last but not least of all the winners, a drumroll please for the 4 ideas that were selected to move into the second development stage of We care for the caregiver- but first a shout out to the submission Neighbours Care, which has been partly licensed for the development into an idea in the next round.

And now, moving onto the next phase, where the ideas will be developed and then presented to the We care for the caregiver Team & Jury:

Walk a mile in my shoes by Iulia Farcas

Care City by ElGuero, also a double congrats as our Jury winner!

Critical Mass with Wheelance by hannademes

Teengivers by Anna Maria Triantafyllidi

Congratulations to all winners and thanks again to all participants!

Have a great weekend, Jess

Congrats to all the winners and everybody participating! Cheers to everybody!


All jovotans did an awesome job here:)

Congratulations, everyone! The ideas posted were very interesting and well presented!

Congrats to all the winners : )

Big congratulations to all who participated! :)

Congratulation to all winners and participants!! :)

gray and transparent my sincere greetings,all sisters and brothers-in-one.for participating in such a beautiful activity Jovoto ;)

Congratulation to all Client's Winners! Also to all Community's Winners!

Congrats to all participants!