Want to talk? app
And app providing 24/7 on-line assistance for caregivers and that also allows face to face meetings


The want to talk? app allows the caregiver to get in touch with professional assistance, talk to people managing similar cases or just tell your story anonymously to pull your heart out. It will allow you to choose the language to interact, choose between video or voice interaction and choose one or multiple interlocutors. It also manages face to face meetings with other people related to caregiving allowing the user to join an already existing group or creating a new one that fulfills his needs.

Describe a caregiver situation that you were/are involved in.

My uncle´s Alzheimer´s disease

Explain the caregiver problem that resulted for you and/or other caregiver(s).

Dealing psychologically with some of the symptoms of the desease (ie. not recognition of closer relatives)

Describe your caregiver solution that would provide assistance or relief to the problem of the caregiver.

And app that will get you in touch with proffesional assistance, people dealing with similar cases to talk to them or just pull your heart out by sharing your story (anonymously if you want to)

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