Caregiver Delivery App
It's an app. with a platform of volunteers that can deliver different goods to the one in need


Who can use it? The application can be used by caregivers, as well as by patients that need goods from a store or pharmacy. For security purposes, the application works only syncronized with facebook.

How it works? When in need, the volunteer (can be a patient or a caregiver at the same time), will search for other volunteers on the platform, explain to them the situation and what they need and where they can be found. Afterwards, the volunteer will meet with the patient/caregiver that stays with the patient, and they will be given a certain amount of cash for the delivery according to the patients' needs, that will be recorded within the application registry. After this process, the volunteer will fulfill his/her task and when he/she will honor the delivery (brought the patient what he/she needs), he/she will press the button "end task", which will need to be confirmed by the one in need. After all this process is complete, the volunteer will be rewarded with completed tasks, which will allow purchases at an on-line application built-in TEVA store. This will motivate the volunteers: the more they will offer their help, the more they can purchase. For security and anti-fraud purposes, the location and time of the events will always be recorded, so that any suspicious activity (tasks completed away from a hospital/tasks completed suspiciously too fast and too many at the same time) will be reported. Also, if there is a situation in which the volunteer wasn't able to complete his/her task (didn't find the neccessary goods), he/she will return the money to the patient, selecting "end task", the patient will select the option "task was not fulfilled properly" and the volunteer will not be rewarded with the completed task. If the volunteer just leaves with the money and doesn't come back to the patient, he will be traced by local authorities and punished according to the local legislation for fraud.

Describe a caregiver situation that you were/are involved in.

My mother needed to be with my dying grandma in the hospital for almost 6 months.

Explain the caregiver problem that resulted for you and/or other caregiver(s).

Somebody that could deliver them some products/water/medicine, would have been really helpful.

Describe your caregiver solution that would provide assistance or relief to the problem of the caregiver.

The solution is this app, because of its safety and motivation features for the volunteers.

Are all parts of the design 100% your original work or did you use any stock or third-party materials? If yes, please link all stock, fonts and Creative Commons materials here:

The designs are 100% mine except for the font used which is: Arial Narrrow.

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