Give SuperPowers to the Heros!
We all know that you can have Superpowers if you believe in them and if someoane empowers you !


SuperPowers that TEVA can provide: 1. A day of 30 hours instead of 24 hours it’s not mathematically possible but with good time management knowledge you can make more things in the same period of time. Time management couses can be brought from specialized platform like, and offered to caregiver in a short video. Smart tips & tricks from experienced caregivers can be also considered. 2.Super memory can be obtained by exercise but caregivers don’t have time for that. TEVA can provide the drugs from a prescription in small packages for every day and every hour when should be administered. Then the caregiver can win time and is realeased by the stress of remembering everything. This can be combined with an where you can order the drugs. 3.10 hands is a superpower when you want that all of them to be yours. But what if, another 8 hands will be next to you sharing the tasks? TEVA can facilitate through a platform, through a mobile app or through the pharmacies the connections between some caregiver in a defined area so they can help each other. By helping each other I mean a win-win situation. Let’s imagine that all caregivers should make foodshopping, house cleaning, drugs shopping and that they are going in the same place or using the same provider. They can share tasks and win time if one caregiver makes all the shopping for another 2-3 caregivers. Another caregiver makes the drug shopping for the others and so on. When using the same provider for a specific need, TEVA could help them connect, associate and then negociate as a group the price of the service that all needed. 4. Stone hearth is a superpower that we wish to have it only when it's about negative emotions and not if it’s about positive ones. The caregivers are already the Heros. TEVA can be next to them by offering coaching sessions once a month by a face2face meeting or using a web based platform. Also, can use short motivational videos from successfull caregivers.

Describe a caregiver situation that you were/are involved in.

My mother struggled two years with my grandma cancer.

Explain the caregiver problem that resulted for you and/or other caregiver(s).

The hardest thing for caregiver is to be the hero without the Superpowers. A caregiver would like to have super powers like making a day of 30 hours instead of 24 hours, super memory to never forget how & when to administrate pills , 10 hands to do everything is needed and a stone hearth for all the emotions that he/she has to handle.

Describe your caregiver solution that would provide assistance or relief to the problem of the caregiver.

TEVA can position in the market as a companion of the caregivers by offering them all or part of the things mentioned in the description. Because the proposed solutions are not tested maybe it's a good idea to start a pilot in one area and measure the impact.

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