TEVA Wheelchair
A Caregiver Friendly Electric Wheelchair, which can help and improve the mobility of a Patient


A Caregiver Friendly Electric Wheelchair, which can help and improve the mobility of a Patient .

In this wheelchair, we have two motors which control the two wheels and also the conversion of a wheelchair into a stretcher. So the Handle used for taking patients control the movement of the Wheelchair.


  • If both the handles are pressed down, the wheelchair moves forward.
  • If the left handle is pressed, wheelchair turns right (to make sure the handle pressed goes away from the person, for safety reasons) and vice versa.

As the motor controls, it will easy for carrying a patient uphill. And also acts as a Brake, thus wheelchair doesn't roll down.


When both the Handles (which are locked in position) are turned 90 degrees away from each other and then pressed down, the motors dismantle themselves from the wheels and act as a force to convert into a stretcher. if pressed up, they convert to a wheelchair.

Present Work: - We are working on trying to create a small board, where the caregiver can hop on and drive along in the wheelchair. - We are also working on improving the movement as a converted stretcher, thus no heavy for carrying the patient. This requires the motors to attach back to the wheel and run.

Describe a caregiver situation that you were/are involved in.

Well, I was once helping my mom recover from a health issue. It was very emotional and I really support TEVA and Jovoto for their initiative.

Explain the caregiver problem that resulted for you and/or other caregiver(s).

  • Doctors need to communicate well with Caregivers. Communication!
  • Caregivers should know what they should do.
  • Carry a person in wheelchair daily requires Energy.

Describe your caregiver solution that would provide assistance or relief to the problem of the caregiver.

A Mobile Application will be good. Better Wheelchair will also help them.

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