TAKE CARE - Taking care of caregiving: high-tech help system for caregivers
High tech system with implant-based health tracker provides emotional social and financial advantage


TAKE CARE is a complete in-house solution for caregivers. It consists of three segments: a tracking implant that is inserted into the patient's hand by a simple surgical procedure. The implant contains and releases medication as needed and also wirelessly transmits the data into the TAKE CARE base station.

The base station is a tablet like device that constantly monitors all the vital health parameters of the patient, displays all the current information at a glance and keeps track of long-term trends.

A set of wi-fi cameras can be connected to provide remote access to caregivers via smartphone. An alert system will notify the caregiver in case of an emergency via SMS, e-mail or a phone call. In smart homes, the alert system can also take control of the vital house functions, such as turn on the lights, unlock the door, close the gas or water supply in case of emergency (especially useful for patients with mental illness or dementia).

Last part of the TAKE CARE is the "Friends and family reminder system". It is an automated system that sends our periodical SMS or e-mail reminders to pre-defined lists of family members or friends, reminding them to call or visit the patient. The system also sends our a list of items that the patient may need at the moment, from everyday things like clothing to more expensive items such as medical equipment, TV set, a new bed etc. This "wish list" is used to inform the close circuit of people of what may be needed, so when the birthday or holidays come around, they can join their funds to carry some of the financial burden.

Describe a caregiver situation that you were/are involved in.

My mother-in-law had a brain stroke 9 years ago. The stroke caused her left side of the body to go numb and now, even with improvement, she is only capable of very basic tasks. She can barely walk and even simple things, such as cutting bread or opening medications are impossible for her. My wife took care of her first 7 years and now, after getting married, I'm also involved in the caregiving process. Having this first-hand knowledge was invaluable for creating the TAKECARE system idea.

Explain the caregiver problem that resulted for you and/or other caregiver(s).

My goal was to address some very real challanges that we faced over the years: keeping track of all the medications and health parameters, enjoying some time away without feeling guilty or worried, including more of the family and friends into the patient's life and stimulating them to visit or call to help create a positive atmosphere, fighting both the patient's as well as caregiver's depression and anxiety and especially the financial aspect of suddenly taking care of a very ill person.

Describe your caregiver solution that would provide assistance or relief to the problem of the caregiver.

  • provides practical solutions to real life problems and challanges
  • relieves the caregiver both emotionally and financially
  • increases safety and life quality of the patients
  • encourages friends and family to keep in touch, reducing or removing the feeling of abandonment
  • gives the caregiver time to relax, while knowing that they will be notified in case something bad happens
  • creates a detailed log of medical info
  • uses cutting-edge technology

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