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Application to organize patient’s medical record and to seek expert advice from specialist doctors


With dossier Doctors can directly deliver documents to patient’s inbox. Every medical reports like CT-Scan, X-Ray Scan, Medicine Prescriptions etc are provided along with doctor’s diagnosis of the disease. Through following features DOSSIER makes a Caregiver’s life easier: Smart Aggregation: Doctors/Testing Labs can send results to patient's DOSSIER account using unique userid. These documents will be organized as a soft copy in the account. Generic details about each document will be provided for better understanding of the caregiver. For example: With Diabetes/cholesterol test results, general details like Safe Level, Low level, High Level details will be provided. Or with prescribed medicines, review and details of the medicines will be provided. Along with that list of similar medicines will be provided. Smart Consultation: Caregiver can send the diagnosis report, scans and previous reports to other specialist doctors or medical institutions . Caregiver can request consultation from other experts from different parts of the globe, on pay as you request model. With this caregiver can ensure credibility of the diagnosis and that the best treatment treatment is made available for the patient. DOSSIER also learns from the data in it with it’s big data analytics capabilities for serving public in efficient ways and to derive insights for business. Precision Public Health: DOSSIER drews insights between locations and frequency of diseases, How the other factors like climate, population etc impact this. Which city have highest reported cases of blood cancer. Medico Segmentation: Pharmaceutical companies can get detailed insights on the sources of recommendation of their medicine,DOSSIER smartly segment country / cities / medical centers / doctors based on the medicine manufacturer that they recommend, monthly patient count etc Drug Substitution: Based on the contents of the drug, closest substitute drug is suggested considering location, reviews and usage count

Describe a caregiver situation that you were/are involved in.

Last year my brother consulted doctor due to high fever symptoms. First consulted doctor diagnosed it as viral fever and gave medicines. Not satisfied with results we consulted other doctor with blood test results. He gave another set of medication. 1 week passed by, as his health was getting worse, we consulted another specialist from a hospital far from our place. After seeing the blood results itself, he informed us that he suspect a case of Dengue Fever. With further checkups he confirmed it

Explain the caregiver problem that resulted for you and/or other caregiver(s).

With our personal experience, I understood the importance of consulting with different doctors on a patient’s medical condition.At the end of day, doctor is also a normal person who may err. Good will is to ensure the credibility of the diagnosis by taking expert advice. A person is diagnosed with diseases innumerous times in his life. Among that he/she is diagnosed with the same disease many times.A track record if illness have prominence in understanding a patient's health for a professional

Describe your caregiver solution that would provide assistance or relief to the problem of the caregiver.

Often medical reports are the facts from which doctor’s arrive at their diagnosis. How legit is the diagnosis often depend on the qualification and experience of the doctor. With Smart Consultation option of Dossier caregiver can seek expert advice from all over the globe. As DOSSIER makes caregiver’s life easier by organizing patient's medical reports and providing better understanding of them.

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