TEVA Family Lunch
Re-unite the caregiver with the family or society over the Sunday lunch


In addition to many physical problems caregiver can face, i.e. disabilities or health issues of the one who is taken care of, caregivers may cope with emotional problems and alienation from the rest of the family or the community. In many cultures the Sunday family lunch is like a part of the tradition. In the past, no matter how alienated people were, and no matter how much they have worked, families were always rounded over Sunday lunch. Being a caregiver, you are constantly involved, and simply do not have time to think about this. Our idea is to restore the value of the Sunday family lunch amongst the caregivers. This could give them the much needed love and re-unite the family. TEVA could (or jointly with other CSR companies) ship the Sunday lunch packages to all ones that would apply for this option. Apart from the fact that we are trying to help the caregivers on the emotional filed, and give them strength to proceed with their work, there will be another option for the Sunday family lunch: there could be many caregivers that are left alone in this world with the ones they are taking care of. By applying on our app, nearby families could make Sunday lunch for these caregivers, and eat them together in the caregivers’ home. By dong this caregivers will, at least for a day, (and we believe that this friendship may last after), feel like they have the whole family rounded up in a table again.

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