The idea is, a campaign named �seed donation�. In and before the stations there are information stands with the large label �seed donation �, which becomes people naturally much at it to surprise. Seed donation, here in the station, which is? Thus first interest would be already times waked.

At the information stands, info. folding maps (DIN long) are distributed, ventilated in these info. maps the secret and the actual seed donation show up; -) The maps can be distributed additionally naturally also by attractive Promoting-Girls.

Inconspicuously, reference on possibly more information over the dubious seed donation. Inside above: The clearing-up of the citizens, requests to the active nature protection and info texts over which the course of everything for the environment does and why you an alternative to car, airplane & CO is.

Inside down:
The seed donation self ; -)

Back: A description of it, which comes out for a plant if one the seeds implants, additionally information over the care and a guidance. Here not all seeds should be equivalent, the seeds and thus the backs of the folding maps should be different. For example can emerge here small trees, shrubs or useful plants, this are additionally the curiosity, which interest and the collecting desire of the citizens suggest.

Image up-polished, positive message arrange and even still which for the environment done!

best greets